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Actors It involves two characters, Tom and Scott, who meet after school with books in hand, to talk. (Allow your actors to ad-lib these lines so that it sounds natural.)

Action Tom: Hey, Scott, how about playing a little racquetball on Saturday? Judging from the last time we played, you could use a little work on your backhand!
Scott: Baloney! Last time I played with you I was just letting those backhand shots get by to let your confidence get built up. Next time, I won’t be so nice.
Tom: Well, I’ll let you redeem yourself on Saturday. What time?
Scott: Oh, wait a minute. I forgot. I’ve been grounded another week by my parents.
Tom: What? They are always on you for something. What is it this time? Did you rob a bank? Get busted with drugs? Or did you forget to put your napkin on your lap at the dinner table?
Scott: Actually, I got all B’s on my report card.
Tom: You got grounded for getting B’s on your report card?
Scott: Yeah, all B’s, except for the C and two D’s. My parents think I can do better. They’re probably right, but, man, I really hate homework. Anyway, I’m grounded.
Tom: I can’t believe your parents! I’ve NEVER gotten grounded. My parents don’t even care what kind of grades I get. It’s my business, not theirs.
Scott: Well, my folks aren’t like that. They care about my grades. Obviously.
Tom: (At this point, Tom and Scott turn toward the audience and talk as if they were just thinking.) Boy, it must be rough to have parents who are on top of you all the time. But I’ll have to say this about Scott’s parents: They do love him and are concerned about him. Sometimes I wonder if my parents love me at all. I’d sure like to switch places with Scott for a week, just to feel that kind of love.
Scott: (in thought) It must be easy to get along with Tom’s parents. They must have a lot of confidence in him to let him do whatever he wants. Sometimes I wonder if my parents will ever let me grow up. It must be nice never to be grounded. I’d love to trade places with Scott for a week or so.
Tom: (still thinking) No, it would never work. I’d feel boxed in. I need my freedom.
Scott: (still thinking) No, it would never work. My parents’ love is too important to me.
Tom: Well, are you sure you can’t talk your folks into letting you play racquetball on Saturday?
Scott: Nah, I’d love to play, but I better hit the books.
Tom: O.K., I’ll just have to whip you again next time! See ya! (They exit.)

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