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Actors involves five people (the Reporter and four track team members).

Equipment Locker-room interview before a track meet

Action Reporter: (dressed like a TV news reporter with a microphone) Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is sportscaster Sammy Secularist welcoming you to ing Invitational Track Meet. Before the competition begins today, I would like to take you inside the locker room of the “Maranatha Marathoners,” a very strange but interesting group of athletes. They claim to be citizens of “another kingdom”—whatever that means—and for the most part have a victorious team year after year. Let’s go now and see if we can get some insight into their success. (knocks on door)
Reporter: Hi! I was just wondering if you would be willing to answer a few questions concerning your motivation and strategy for the race today.
Everyone: Sure, we’d be glad to.
Reporter: As all racing fans know, this event has two courses to choose from. Why do you always take the narrow path instead of the more popular broad, scenic route?
Reporter: You mean that beautiful gold trophy?
Reporter: Oh, yeah. (not understanding and turning to the next person) Since you’ve chosen the difficult track, there must be times when you get tired and feel like quitting. How do you deal with that temptation?
Reporter: You all seem very dedicated. I guess you have to be pretty good to make this team, right?
Reporter: I don’t understand.
Reporter: So he’s more than a coach. In fact he sounds like more than just a man. What’s his name?
Reporter: I’m in terrible shape, but . . . I guess you-know-who will take care of that, right? (pause) From the Everlasting Invitational Track Meet, this is Sammy Secularist, uh, make that just Sammy, saying so long for now!

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