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Hannah and Eli

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Actors Reader, Hannah, Eli

Equipment The light on a stage is darkened, the soundtrack is included. Анна enters, sits on knees and is plaintively prays. During a pray the soundtrack is switched off.

Action Hannah: My God! If you look at grief of the slave of yours, also remember me, and will not forget the slave of yours, and will give the slave of yours a child a male, I’ll give him to his Lord for all days of his life and razor will not touch his head.
Hannah continues to pray but already without words. The soundtrack is included. Two dancers come on a stage, and dance around Hannah. They live the stage after a while and music is switched off. Eli, the priest, which all this time lay in a temple, approaches to Hannah.

Eli: How long time will you be drunk? Get rid of your vine.

Hannah: Oh no my lord; I’m grieving by spirit, I didn’t take any vine, but cry out of my soul before The Lord. Do not consider the slaves of yours unjust woman; for from great grief I spoke to The Lord.

Eli: Go with peace, and God of Israel will look upon your prayer, that you prayed Him

Hannah: Yes let your slave find mercy in your eyes!

The soundtrack is included. Hannah leaves from a stage, and Eli leaves deep into the stage.

Reader: Hannah left, and her face was not so sad as it it used to be before.

Hannah leaves and light is extinguished. Other soundtrack is included.

Reader: After some days passed, the Lord has remember Hannah, And she conceived and gave birthto a son and have named him Samuel.

Light on a stage. Hannah together with Samuel leaves. /music proceed /

Dancers are behind of them.

Reader: And when he has grown up, she went with him to Shilom, and has brought a child to Eli.

Hannah: O my lord! I’m that woman, which stood here and prayed to The Lord about this child. I prayed, and the Lord has done to me what I asked Him. So I give my son back to his Lord for all days of his lifeto serve The Lord.

Hannah together with Samuel and dancers leave the stage having bowed the Eli.

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