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If I be lifted up

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Lifting Up Jesus

If I Be Lifted Up!

Cast: Narrator, Jesus, Preacher, Person 1, Person 2, Person 3, Person 4, And either two people to hold up sheet(Canvas) or two stands.

Costumes: Narrator- N/A (not seen)
Jesus- White robe
Preacher- Formally dressed (i.e. Suit and tie)
Person 1, 2, 3, 4- Either casual clothes or all uniform
Canvas holders- All Black (if people)

Props: White bed sheet (to act as canvas) Size depends on particular needs and size of audience, Medal or wood pole to hold bed sheet up, Either various colors of spray paint (may use other types of paint if prefer in that case paint brushes would be needed) Sheet (any solid color, to use to “bag” Jesus), Rope (Also used to “bag” Jesus), Mud or a dark colored paint.
SUGESTION: May consider using neon and or fluorescent black light sensitive paints and props along with a Black light to add to visual effect of drama. If did this you may want to change costumes and other lighting to get both the glow effect of the painting and make sure the actions of the actors are seen. If using the black light paints when throwing mud on the picture would add that much more to the effect of the drama.


Narrator (N): Jesus said . . .

Jesus (J): If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me. (P1, 2, 3, 4 emerge into a kneeling and bowing position at J’s feet)

N: The Bible teaches that thousands (the Four echo “Thousands”) at a Time came to know Him!

J: But Over the years the church ha-(Preacher cover mouth from behind)

N: (finishes Jesus statement) has silenced Jesus, Removed Him from the spotlight and put emphasis on man, and self, Painting a portrait of Jesus that they are comfortable with. A portrait that is Politically correct. The problem is however that with the reference point removed no one can agree on what he look like. (During narration the four moves from bowing to Jesus to throwing a sheet over him tying him up and (2) moving him off stage. 2 stay behind now bow to preacher, A Giant Canvas (sheet) is lifted where the 4 and the preacher proceed to paint the new and improved Jesus)

P1: Ok . . . HMMMMM? Where to start? (Proceeds to paint potion of “Hair” then pauses)

P2: OOOHH that’s excellent! Hmm what else do we need? (Continues Hair then Pauses)
P3: Wow this is fun! (Paints Beard then pauses)

P4: Yeah! And it’s not Jesus without a happy little smile! (Paints mouth then pauses)

P1: AND let’s give him blue eyes like me!!!! (Paints one blue eye)

P2: NO!!!!! I think he should have Green eyes like me!!! (Paints one green eye)

P1: NO BLUE!!!! (Attacking P2)

P2: NO GREEEN!!!! (Fights with P1 both freeze in fight mode)

P3: All He is Missing Now is a Nose lets make it like Billy Graham’s (Starts nose then pauses)

P4: NO, NO, NO!! Jesus nose needs to be bigger so he can put it in everyone’s Business!!!(Finishes nose, then pauses)

P3: HEY! That’s not the way it is supposed to be!!!!(Attacks P4)

P4: You are wrong and I’m right so there!!!! (P4 might stick tongue out at P3 both pause in a fight mode)

N: Then even this picture of Jesus created in our image becomes even further defiled by sin, and false doctrine!

Preacher (P): Well it is coming along quite nicely no isn’t it? (Motions toward picture and turns to crowd) ALL we need now is for ME to tell you about Him! My Jesus Loves all and says It is Ok to be a homosexual(Throws Mud) My Jesus gives us free choice so it is ok to have an abortion!(Throws Mud) My Jesus Accepts us no matter what so He doesn’t talk about thinks like sin, hell, Judgment and repentance. (Throws mud) My Jesus wants us to be comfortable and happy and he certainly does not want to offend any one so he has no standard of right and wrong, whatever is right for you is right for you and what’s right for me is right for me. (Throws mud)

N: If this is the image of Jesus we portray to the world do we still dare to wonder why we have no revival? Do we dare ask God to send revival? The Prophets of the Bible did not speak their own words; they did not promote their own ideas or motifs. They simply proclaimed the word of God!

J: (comes on scene) I have this against you, that you have left your first love. Remember where you have fallen from and repent and do the works you did at the beginning (breaks up P1 and P2 they kneel to Jesus)

N: It is time for Christians to stop fighting amongst themselves.
J: Father I Pray that you would make them one as we are one. (Breaks up P3 and P4 the kneel to Jesus)

N: It is time we lift up the standard of holiness and purity.

J: Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty who was and is and is to come. (Lowers on side of Picture)

N: It is time to focus on the true Jesus of the Bible and not on self or others.

J: If I Be Lifted up I WILL DRAW all men unto me! (Puts down other side of painting)

N: And it is Time That Preachers step away from the latest fads, teaching techniques and Psychology and simply proclaim the word of God! (Jesus whispers in preacher’s ear)

Preacher: Surely you are the son of God! I must decrease and you must increase! (Bows to Jesus, Lights Fade)


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