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This is a “spontaneous” skit, where actors are randomly pulled from the audience with no knowledge of what they are to do until they hear the narrator

One day a goodly traveler was trucking along humming to himself, thinking everything was fine, when all of a sudden out of the rocks jumped three of the meanest gangsters you’ve ever seen. They had beady eyes and they ground their teeth together. They started to beat on the traveler, then all at once two of them grabbed his arms while the other started to punch him. When the action seemed to freeze, then the traveler remembered and said to himself, “I know Kung Fu!” And he broke free and started to fight back. But the gangsters knocked him down to the ground. (Chances are he is already on the ground, but repeat the words “But on the way down” until he gets up.) But on the way down to the ground, he let out a loud and terrible shout, followed by a deep grunt. The thieves grabbed his money and split, yelling and leaping for joy.
As he lay there, groaning and groaning, along came a priest who, seeing the man, was shocked. The priest walked around him and said, “I am shocked but it serveth him righteth, for traveling aloneth.”
Then came a Levite, and the man is still groaning. When the Levite saw and heard him, he ran to the side of the man and said, “Oh my, oh my, what a pity!” And he started to help the man up but then noticed what time it was and dropped the man. The man let out a scream. The Levite said, “I am lateth for worship at the synagogueth, must not let man come before God.” And he walked away.
And finally came along a Samaritan who, after seeing the man, was moved with compassion and came over to bandage the man, then helped him up, but slipped on a wet stone and dropped him. After a lot of strain, he picked the man up and carried him to town. (end)

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