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Costumes Each participant in the skit should exaggerate his role and emphasize the part of the body that he is playing. For instance, the eyes could wear some giant glasses, and the mouth could use a megaphone. To increase the fun, label each part with a sign that is worn by the actors.

Action Feel free to add more lines or other parts of the body and create your own dialogue. Follow up with a discussion based on the subject matter presented.
Ear: Where is Hand when I need him?
Eye: He’s over there picking Nose.
Ear: What! He’s always goollng off when I need him!
Mouth: What do you need him for anyway?
Ear: I need him to clean out the wax in me.
Hand: I don’t know why you guys are yelling at me. Look, Foot’s in mouth!
Ear: You both are a couple of goof-offs.
Eye: To be honest, we’ve all been goofing off a lot lately.
Nose: Yeah, look how bad we’ve made this kid we’re on look.
Ear: I heard the ugliest girl in town turned him down for a date.
Mouth: Thank goodness! I’d hate to have to kiss her good night!
Feet: Does anybody know how we can help him look better?
Eye: I was reading the Bible the other day and it said that everyone has a spiritual gift. Maybe if we all find our spiritual gifts, we can make this kid look a lot better.
Everybody: Yeah! Let’s go!
Eye: (some length of time later) Well, did everybody find their gifts?
Everybody: Yeah!
Nose: My gift is to smell all of the wonderful things God has made.
Eye: My gift is to read the Scriptures and to see the good in others.
Ear: My gift is to hear the sounds of nature and the voices of people.
Mouth: My gift is to tell others about God.
Hand: My gift is to help other people.
Feet: My gift is to take us places where we can use our gifts.
Eye: I’m sure glad I found my gift!
Nose: Me, too! I was getting tired of running anyway.

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