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Actors Jesus and four of his disciples: Peter, Andrew, John, and Bartholomew.

Equipment The Upper Room

Action Peter: (Peter and Andrew enter carrying articles for Passover. There is a bong, narrow table on center stage.) That should do it, Andrew. I think we have everything.
Andrew: You know, Peter, this is the first time we’ve not been home for Passover.
Peter: Yeh, but I’m glad we’re having it with the Master. It seems to me that he hasn’t been his usual self lately. Maybe this feast will cheer him up.
Andrew: He seems preoccupied with something—something that is about to happen.
Peter: I’ve been thinking, Andrew. Now at the time of the feast would be a great opportunity to take over the throne and set up his kingdom. The people are ready! You saw how they cheered for him as he rode into the city. The time of the kingdom has come and Jesus knows it!
Andrew: Perhaps, but why is he so troubled? What is it that seems to plague his thoughts?
Peter: To be king is no easy task, Andrew. Besides, not many of the Pharisees and priests agree with his teachings. I’m sure that bothers him.
Andrew: But we both know that—
Peter: (John and Jesus enter.) Master, everything is prepared as you requested
Jesus: . Where are the rest of the Twelve?
Peter: They’ll be here. I gave them directions to this house. They all said they were coming except Judas. He has a business meeting somewhere. But he said he would meet us in the garden.
Andrew: I forgot to tell you, Peter. Matthew sent a message saying that his wife wanted him to stay home with the boys tonight. And Philip told me that he’s going over to Lydia’s house for Passover. Master, he said to apologize to you, but he is meeting her parents tonight and—
Jesus: (tenderly, yet distressed) I know, Andrew. I know.
Peter: Say, John, where is your brother? He was supposed to help Andrew and me with the preparations.
John: Uh, I was just telling Jesus that Father had a big catch today. James is helping mend the nets.
Jesus: It is time for us to begin. Let’s gather around the table. (They kneel or sit.)
Bartholomew: (running in) I’m here! I’m here! You haven’t started yet, have you?
Andrew: We were just—
Bartholomew: Good! Sorry I’m late, Jesus. But the traffic was terrible. Two donkeys hit head on in front of Ralph’s Diner. It was nose to tail all the way from the temple.
John: I thought Thomas was coming with you.
Bartholomew: Not me!
John: Is he coming?
Bartholomew: I doubt it. (pause) Say, where is everybody?
Peter: You tell us.
Bartholomew: We are going to go ahead and start, aren’t we? I’ve got to leave at 7:15.
Andrew: Master, could we please wait for Simon the Zealot? I know he’ll—

(All except Jesus grumble and say, “Oh, come on. I’ve got to get home” or “I’ve got an appointment,” etc.)

John: Hold it! I just remembered. Simon told me that a friend gave him some tickets to the arena tonight. He asked me to go, but I told him I was coming here. He said he would eat with us tomorrow.
Jesus: Tomorrow will be too late. I have desired to eat this meal with you because I will be taken from you this night. This meal was to be a special time for us. But how can it be if you are not all here? (distressed, not angry)
Peter: (long pause) Should we send for them, Lord?
Jesus: No, Peter. If they loved me, they would come.

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