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The missionary

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Actors 5 one missionary (M), one devil (D)and three demons (d1,d2,d3)

Equipment nothing needed

Costumes The devil could have some paintings all the others as normal clothed as possible

Action Let the drama start as a “fake” normal testimony.
The missionary goes in front of the church and starts telling about his live or what ever he wants to. At a surten point he or she says something like: “and now i have decided to become a missionary”

At the word missionary the demons pop up with a big yell MISSIONARY

(The best would be is the demons are seated spread around in the congregation with normal cloth. the clue of this drama that people do not understand that it actually is a drama and not a normal testimony.)

d1,d2,d3 Yell out missionary and run to the front to M

M can not see the demons and only hear them when they are directly speaking to him.

The demons decide to get M away from this thought.

d1 starts: Mike (picked name of missionary), you don’t really want to become a missionary. Aren’t you forgetting about your girlfriend Jenny?

M; Lord i forgot about Jenny! You know she’s the perfect girl for me. And besides I’ve invested a lot of money in her!

d1; Is she interested in missions?

M; oh no, I cant even take her camping!

d1; And Mike there’s not one good looking girl out there in the missionfield

(demons look at Ms reaction and happily go back towards their seats)

M; That’s right. Lord have you ever seen a good-looking missionary?

Oh i will never get married. If i go to the missionfield, who do you want me to date?? the monkeys???

Lord i don’t know about all this. Could you maybe confirm it in your word?

(demons hear the word word 😉 yell out loud, run back and try to hinder M in reading the bible)

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well!!”

(demons cant stand to hear the word so every time it is read they in pain run around and close their ears)

M; Thanks God! Yeah I’m going !!

(demons not that happy about that decision)

d2; Mike if you go to the missionfield, you’ll have to leave your home and your family. And that nice new car you bought, BYE BYE! Besides what about the new promotion?? A lot of people would like to be in your shoes!

M; Lord if i go to the missionfield ill have to leave all my friends, my family, MY MOM! And if I lose my job how am I going to pay of my new car? I just got rid of the old Golf last week.

d2; and the wonderful “Norwegian” food…… BYE BYE

M; Lord you know how important food is to a man! I LOVE going to the Restaurant and getting a good steak; If i go to the missionfield what are they going to have me to eat? Fried flies and monkey brains??

d2; And Mike, missionaries area always asking for ………money!!!!

M; No Lord i cant ask people for money!!!!

Ill just get a nice job and save up money. I am NOT going to beg the rest of my LIFE!

d2; And besides, who do you think is going to want to support YOU???

(demons go back to seats)

M; Lord look at me, who is going to want to support ME?? God if you really are calling me to do this, please confirm it again by your word.

(demons again try to stop him in reading the bible)

“And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Jesus Christ” (Phil 4;19)

M; yes Lord you will take care of me! That settles it, I’m going!!!!!

d3; Bzzzzzzzzzzz!….. Mosquitoes…. Malaria…yellow fever!

M; MALARJA!! YELLOW FEVER!! Oh Lord have you forgot about all those diseases out there. I hat the fevers and you know God, yellow is just not my colour!

d3; And you know what THAT means, DON’T YOU????

M; INJECTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

d3; That’s right and not just one, not just two MANY MANY and you know where!!

M; Oh Lord I hate injections!!

d3; And mike aren’t you forgetting one little detail……….?


M; Lord what if I die out there? What if they chase me through the jungle, tie me up to a tree, chop off my head and scoop out my brains before I have the chance to say John 3;16 in their native language???

(demons leave for seat)

M; Oh Lord I’m scared. But id you are really calling me could you please confirm it in you r word one more time??

(demons try again to hinder M)

“And he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways” (Psalm 91;11)

M; Thanks God, I’m going!!! I know that not only you will meet my needs but You will have your angels around me. Yes God I’m going to the mission field !

(demons now really concerned)

d2; Guys i think we’re in trouble now! We’ve got to call the Boss!!

d1,d2,d3; boss….. BOSS…… BOSS!!!!!

D; WHATTT??????

d1; Boss we have got a little problem here.

D; problem, what problem?

d1; you see, Mike here, well, uhmm, he wants to become, a Uhh, mm, a missionary.



d3; we tried…….



Now watch the master at work!

So Mike, you want to become a missionary eh?! That’s an excellent idea! Jesus Christ, He’d be proud of you. You might save hundreds, no thousands. They might even write a book about you. No a movie! Bright lights, big city, MICHAL ..?..?..?.. the big world changer! But Mike, aren’t you forgetting one thing? You are so young! You’ve got your whole life ahead of you!

What’s the rush?? MIKE YOU’VE GOT PLENTY OF ……..TIME…

d123; TIME…….TIME………TIME!!!!!

M; You know God. I’ve been thinking. I know you’re calling me to be a missionary, but I’m still so young and I’ve got my whole life ahead of me. There’s always tomorrow. After all, I’ve got plenty of….. time.

(let the demons be creative to act out the different threats)

Music Not needed
Time about 5-7 minutes

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