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Me (2Cor 5:15)

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Actors There are 6 people
Wise person (W); Sportsman (S); Girl (G); Boy (B); Jesus (J); and someone has to read the text in the end of drama

Equipment The Bible with the bookmark on the 2Cor 5:15

Costumes Nothing special

Action Four (WSGB) are standing on the scene turned back to the people. W is turning to the people with the pointing to himself and word “Me” Then he makes a look like he is reading the book and understanding it, he always points to himself and with a big pride repeats “Me”. So he’s coming back to his place, turning back and tells to his neighbor S: “Me”. The S is turning the next with the pretend ball in his hand and he also repeats the word “Me” and shows his skills in playing with ball to the people. This way he’s also leaving the stage, turns back with the word “Me”. G is turning the next, she starts to make herself up and pointing on herself she repeats “Me”. G is still on the stage while the B is turning, he has pretend bike and he starts it with the sound like “Meeeee, Meee” and with this sound his doing circle around G and stops with the sound “Me”. G is impressed and B invites her to sit on the back sit, the G sits and they together make the circle with the sound “Meee”. When they are coming to their place they turn together and keeping each other’s hand going forward making the wedding tune of the sounds like “Me, me , me”. Then the B goes to work on the field while the G stays at home and working there (with child, washing the floor and laundering) Now the B is tired and his back is sorrowing because of the hard work. He comes home and asks the G for food (the only word in this drama is “Me”) so they start to argument because the G was too busy to fix the food. The S and W start to shout at each other “Me” and here Jesus comes in front of the stage and shout “ME”. Silence. then WSGB one by one are coming to J and with the ironic question “You?” they are nailing J to the cross and continue to argument with each other. In this time J is resurrected and he shouts again “ME”. Silence. Now without any irony all heroes are gathering around J and everyone tells “You”. In this moment someone who was not playing in drama reads the passage from the 2 Cor 5:15 and drama is finished.

Music No music
Time About 5-7 min

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