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Actors Five actors: Main hero (M); Friend (F); Pastor (P); Needy person (N); Jesus (J)

Equipment Two chairs

Costumes No special costumes, may be white t-shirt for Jesus

Action ATTENTION! All the masks are imaginative and (M) has to be able to use his face on 100% Two chairs on the stage. (M) is sitting in his room with absolutely bored face. Here is knocking in the door and (M) is going to see who is there. He looks in the door-eye and sees the (F) with the shining face. So (M) steps back and takes from the pocket the mask of joy REMEMBER! The mask has to be taken from one pocket and later put into another. Put on the mask by the closing your face with your hands and changing the face. With the joyful face he meets opens the door for (F) and invites him to sit on another chair. They are drinking, smoking, talking about girls without sound, just mime, then time for (F) to go he leaves and tired (M) takes the mask off his face to the pocket. Knocking into the door, (M) looks to the door-eye there’s (P) , the mask of righteousness… open the door invites pastor ashamed of the mess left after the (F) talks about Bible, then prayer and irritated (M) follows (P) to the door… take off the mask and turn back to the chair with bored face. Knocking… (N) behind the door… the mask of anger… opens the door and pushes the (N) away… take off the mask. The next is (J)… (M) comes to the door but he doesn’t know who is it. He looks in the door-eye again and again but he doesn’t know (J)… (M) opens the door with the mask of joy but (J) takes off this mask and throw it away, the mask of righteousness… of anger… Nothing is left and (M) falls on his knees before (J).

Music No Music
Time 5-7 min

Categories: Church

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