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The Footballmatch

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Actors Three People MP Mainperson F friend J Jesus

Equipment Works out nicely with everything improvised

Costumes Not really needed

Action It works best if MP starts in a church singing reading bible or anything that shows where he is, but very quick he leaves for home. He walks home opens the door, takes of his shoes…… *the more natural and kind of personal played the better it is Then he sits down in his loved seat in front of the TV and turns it on, and looks through the different channels. After a while he stands up and gets himself a cold beer from the fridge and sits down in front of the TV again and stares on it for a while, but he gets bored and pulls one of his hidden eroticmagazines out from beneath the seat, and starts looking through it. But then it knocks on the door. MP goes after he has but down the magazine on the table and switched off the TV, a little bit frustrated, to open the door. He gets very surprised when he sees Jesus in front of his door, and because J makes signs that he would like to come in he invites him inside. *It is the easiest when Jesus does not speak at all. MP does now not really know what to do with Jesus, of curse its nice to have him visiting, and he tells Jesus to sit down in the seat. Then MP gets the great idea that Jesus could be thirsty, and asks him if he would like something to drink, J knots with his head. So MP runs to his kitchen and makes some coffee, but when he comes back he sees that Jesus has taken the beerbottle that stood on the table, so he quick grabs it out of his hand and gives him the coffee. Then it knocks on the door. Mp explains now to Jesus that it has knocked on the door and that he has to open it. So he runs to the door, and outside is his friend that had invited him to a football match, which will start in some minutes, but while MP is talking to F Jesus comes and knocks MP on the back. MP tells F that he very short has to fix something before he comes and closes the door. Then he asks Jesus to sit down again, and explains that this he had planed for so long time he can not drop it. Then he asks Jesus if he wants something to read while he is gone. In that moment J takes the magazine from the table, but MP jumps and grabs it embarrassed. But then MP remembers a good book for Jesus to read and from all the back he gets his old and dusty bible, gives it to him and tells him that he will be back soon. Then he runs to the door opens it and tells F that everything is ok and that he’ll come soon. In that moment J knocks on his back again and this time a little bit annoyed he closes the door and firmly asks Jesus to sit down again. Then he gets the idea to let Jesus watch TV. So he gives Jesus the remote-control, but when Jesus turns on the TV its the wrong channel so MP jumps and covers the screen and asks Jesus to press another button. Then he quiet sneaks to the door, opens it and begins to put on his shoes. But when Jesus again comes and knocks him on his back he gets really frustrated, slams the door and pushes Jesus back into the chair, and tells Jesus very angry that he has given Jesus everything he has, and that he has to wait till later. Then he walks to the door again and begins to take on his jacket. But again Jesus comes right in the moment when MP wants to go out the door. This time he furies grabs Jesus, pulls him back to the chair and nails him to the wall in the position of a cross. Shouting out “What do you want? I have given everything I have, now you want my privacy too or what? I’ll be back later now you stay there and we’ll talk then” and leaves. (play this drama very hard and the end will really shock people !)

Music No music

Time About 5 minutes

Categories: Church

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