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The Bus-stop

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Actors Two boys: Believer (B) and Unbeliever (U)
Equipment May be two chairs.
Costumes Nothing special
Action Two chairs on the stage represent the bus stop and (U) is already sitting on one of the chairs. (B) is coming and sits on the other chair but they look in different directions so they don’t see each other’s faces, they are just waiting for the bus. (B) asks from (U) about time and they recognize each other, they were in one school together but so many years passed and many things changed. They didn’t see each other for about ten years. So they are excited about this meeting and (U) invites (B) somewhere to the nightclub to spend some time as they did before.REMEMBER! (B) never pronounce the name of Jesus Christ neither he pronounce the word “Christian” nor “Christianity”. (B)starts to make different excuses finally telling that he became a believer so he doesn’t do this things anymore. (U) is very interested in the belief of the (B) and he starts to ask different questions but (B) avoids answers and tells that it’s very complicated to explain it on the street. (U) asks about different day appointment with (B) but (B) lists all important deeds that he has to do BETTER! To use the daily schedule of the church where you show it. For example: in Monday small group, in Tuesday worship group etc. (U) offers his business for the sake of this meeting but (B) still tells about importance of the prayers and worship and sermons. He just so busy with the Holy Things that he suggests that (U) would give his telephone number and they would arrange this meeting later. So they exchange the tlph numbers. Finally the bus is coming ad both friends are standing up to meet this bus. But the bus accidentally goes forth and kills both of them. Friends are falling to the different sides and (B) smiles and says: “How much light is here!”; (U)- “It’s so dark, I can’t see anything”; (B)- “What a wonderful song!”; (U)- “What a horrible sound!”; (B)- “I see Jesus!”; (U)- “Jesus?! Why you never told me about him?!!!”

Music No music

Time About 5 min

Categories: Church

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