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Atheistic propagand

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The communist comes to the stage as though talking with himself.
The communist: So, banners will be there, flags we shall hang up here, a tribune we shall put here.

Will construct club where I shall act personally. I shall destroy all this religious ideology, in this village, up to the basis. I shall prove to all of them that god is not present. And there are many such as I am. All of us have parted on collective farms and state farms, on different villages. And we, young communists, bear on our shoulders this antireligious propagand. And our number grows every day. There will be hundreds and thousands of us.

People come.

The communist: / continues without noticing them / And the day will come, when on whole Earth there will be no believer in god. Because there’s NO god!

Noticing people he addresses to them.

The communist: No, No and once more NO! Comrades, let’s show all together fist in the sky and let’s tell that there’s NO God! /showing example, himself waves upwards /

Granma comes out of crowd.

Granma: Listen dear. It’s possible, you know, we didn’t do any universities, so we are not so educated as you are. Tell us better… /Thinks /

If there’s no God, then to whom we wave a fist? But if there is God, I am afraid of doing it.

The communist does not know what to answer.

The communist: But you see… But…

Granma (to people): Let’s go, we should dig over the garden.

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