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We don’t believe in Satan

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Actors As many as you want but have to be three roles: (S) Satan; (1) First in the line; (L) last in the line

Equipment No equipment required

Costumes Normal cloths

Action On the stage the line of people each doing something (dancing, chatting, drinking etc.). (S) is walking in front of the line back and forth with the proud look. (1) sees the (S) and asks his neighbor in the line “who is it?” neighbor asks the same question the next neighbour etc to (L). (L) asks (S): “Who are you?”, (S) replies: “Satan”. (L) passes this reply back to his neighbor etc to the (1) who with laugher tells: “We don’t believe in Satan” this reply passed through the line to (L) and he tells to (S) “We don’t believe in Satan”. Then (S) is throwing something into the hands of each person in the line and cycle of repeated questions starts again. Now the question is “What is this?” (S) replies to the (L): “The Sin” and (1)passes reply “We don’t believe in Sin”. Next (S) linking the lined people to each other and (1) asks from the neighbors “What is he doing?” (S) replies to (L): “Binding you with the sin” (1) passes “We don’t believe in the bandage of sin”. Next (S) stands on the side of the (L) in the line and tries to drag all the line after him. there’s question “where are leading us?” respond of the (S) “In the hell” respond of the line “We don’t believe in the hell” and (S) is taking everyone into the hell. Everyone is screaming.

Music No Music
Time About 5 min

Categories: Evangelism

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