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I don’t believe in Satan

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Actors Satan (S), Christian (C), Person (1) and (2)

Equipment The piece of rope

Costumes Nothing special

Action Th (S) with the piece of rope in his hands is jumping into the stage and trying to scare people shouting something like “I’m Satan, I came to steal, to kill and to destroy and this is my new weapon (shows the rope) by this I’m catching people, look, here the one is coming…” The (1) is coming to the stage and they start to talk:
(1) how hot is here today..

(S) Not hotter then there where I came from…

(1) Who are you?

(S) I’m Satan.

(1) I don’t believe in Satan

(1) Are you from Africa?

(S) No, but you will know where I am from soon…

(1) Wow, what is it? (points on the rope)

(S) this is sin

(1) I don’t believe in sin

(1) But… this is quite beautiful sin, can I try it? (S) puts the rope arround (1)’s waist and tries to drag him somewhere

(1) what is this?

(S) The bondage of sin

(1) But I don’t believe in the bondage of sin!!! (S) It doesn’t matter.. and keeps dragging

(1) Where are you dragging me?

(S)To hell.. (1) I don’t believe in hell!! (S) ..Awesome!

At this moment (C) comes to the stage and approaching the (1). (S) is scared but still keeps the rope.

(C) I know the One who can help you… (1) yeah, yeah I need help very much!! (C)… this is Jesus Christ…(1) but I don’t believe in Jesus! After these words (S) with the look of a winner throws victim in to hell. (C) leaves the stage and drama starts from the beginning. Dialog with (2) is going the same until the coming of (C), instead of telling “I don’t believe in Jesus” (2) tells “tell me more about him” (S) lets victim free and (2) is leaving the stage together with (C) but (S) is complaining about Christians and throws away his “weapon” leaving the stage into another corner.

Music No music
Time About 5 min

Categories: Evangelism

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