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The Burden of unbelief

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Person with the burden (B), Psychologist (P), Girlfriend (G), Alcoholic (A), Christian (C)

Four people are standing on the stage turned back to an audience. (B) is coming out of the audience crying: “Ooooh my burden how heavy it is who can help me who can free me from this burden?” (B) comes to (P) and (P) turns and tells: “If you’ll read all these wonderfull books you will be able to help yourself” (P) lists some of the books (names of the famous psychologists).(B) says that he read all this stuff but it never helped, made even more problems. With these word (B) comes to the (G) she promises to help and flerting with (B) drags him away. (B) understands what’s actually is going on and tells that he knows that (G) won’t help, he says “I know there’s BIG problems after you…” and runs to (A) who invites him to drink some alcohol and forget about his probs. (B) tries to drink but throws the glass away and sais that he already tried it and it made him feeling even worse. (C) is the last one but he tells that he cannot help but he knows Who can help. This is Jesus! (B) is listening to the sermon of the (C) his burden is fallen down and (C) tells alittle sermon to the audience.

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