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John Learns to Drive

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This play can be done with 2 or 4 or 3 people.
Car Driver that is angry
And Burger King Person

“John Learns to Drive,” a one-act play

John: (shouting) So, what do I do now?

Phyllis: (calmly) Release the clutch with you left foot, slowly

John: (loudly) But I thought that was the brake?

Phyllis: No, (sigh) that is the clutch pedal. The brake is operated by your right foot.

John: Then how to I give it gas?

Phyllis: You mean, how do you depress the accelerator pedal?

John: (in desperation) But the driver’s manual says that you start by releasing the clutch and slowly apply the gas.

Phyllis: You mean, depress the accelerator pedal.

John: I’m depressed and I haven’t even started the car.

Phyllis: Okay let’s get started. First, make certain the car is in neutral.

John: So, who’s got the key? (He takes his hands off the wheel and holds his palms upward)

Phyllis: (Sigh) Have you check your pockets?

John: (Digging into pockets) Here it is. (He pulls out an imaginary key, hold its up and places it in the ignition just below the steering wheel.

Phyllis: Now lets start driving!

Set up for scene two.

-PART 2-

John: (Pushes down the gas pedal and screams.) Yahoo! Now this is fun!

Phyllis: SLOW DOWN!!

John: (Worried Expression on face) HOW?

Phyllis: Push the left pedal!

John: Phew! That was close! I almost ran that stop sign!

Driver: HEY MAN! SLOW DOWN! (Beeps horn in frustration.)

Phyllis: Hey pull into that burger king! Don’t forget your turn signal!

John: I guess this is easy.

Burger king come over…. May I take your order?

Phyllis: I’d like a… hmm… A number 5 with a water.

John: I’d like a number 4. I like pop, but I’ll have a water too. Oh can I have a kid’s meal with one of the toys? (Smiles and gives a pleading look.)

Hands them burgers…

Phyllis: Let’s go over to that park. (They leave the car in the parking lot.)
Phyllis & John eat their sandwiches and drink water.

John: (getting restless) let’s go home.

Phyllis: Okay let’s go!

Walk across street and get in car. Scenery moves.

John: What a day! I can’t believe I’ve learned how to drive. (Steps on pedal.)


John: Sorry! (grins and guns engine again) And we’re off.

Phyllis: What a kid!!!


(Everyone comes out and bows.)

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