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After john Quiney Adams time of power. Two gentleman were talking about how the government began. Tom said; Why did people from England leave there country to sail the Mayflower and landed on Plymoth Harbor of massachusetts? Bill said; They wanted to create theirown set of rules, which men signed and agreed to live by the rules. Tom said; It’s wonderful having a King and Queen in government. When we need a new ruler the monarchy family will chosse the next ruler for government. Bill said; You know would be under the monarcy government, which does not allow you to have freedom of speech. Ton said; Well my man, What type of government would you suggesr? Bill said; I believe the best would be Democracy, because all people have a say in new laws, the majority rules, it’s used by local governments and often used by small group suck as clubs. Tom said; How was the consitition setup for the government? Bill said; They have three branches the first is executive, which is made up of President and the purpose is to run government. Second is Legislative is made up of congress and it’s purpose is making laws. Third is judicial is made up of Federal courts and it’s purpose is Judicial review. So Tom that is why we have our freedom today.

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After john Quiney Adams time of power. Two gentleman were ...