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i’m only one person

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you can have as many people as you want and line them up in a line all of their backs to the crowd. Have one person off stage and let them stay there for a little bit.The first person in the line turns aound and says “I’m only one person what does it matter if i witness or not, besides what difference can one person make.” The next person turns around and they both say it together and so on and so on.when the whole line is finished the person who was off stage breaks through them and is like “wow where am I? Is this heaven? and starts stating all the good things about heaven like the streets of gold and all that kind of stuff. then the person acts like they heard a voice telling them that they have to go. the person is then like no, no i dont wanna go. please let me stay. then they act like they see an old childhood friend and start yelling at them because they get to stay. say all kinds of things about how they were so good friends and why the friend didnt tell them about all this good stuff. and then go to a family member. say all the kinds of things like if they were family then why didnt they tell them about heaven. then go to an old co worker and say things like i partied with you and went to bars with you and you knew and you didnt tell me, why do you get to stay here, and i have to go?and you can add other things about them having to go and the other people getting to stay. and then act like the voice is talking to them telling them thewy have to go.have the person go to the end of the line and restate the saying withthem

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