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Characters: Poor person, preppy girl, buisnessman,Christian.

Set:Poor person sitting on the road asking for help. People pass by one by one.

Poor Person sitting on the road,sees a girl pass by.

Poor Person:(yells to girl) HELP ME! I’m so hungry! I need some money for food! Please!
Preppy Girl: Uh, sorry I’m too busy. I have a hair appointment and I have a date I need to get ready for tonight. I have no time to donate money.

Girl Walks off. Poor Person stares at the ground upset. Then a buisnessman walks by.

Poor Person: (Yelling to buisnessman) HELP ME PLEASE! I am VERY hungry! I need some food! Please, HELP!
Buisnessman: Oh, I’m terribly sorry. I am WAY to busy to help you. I’ve had a hard day at work and I am so terribly tired. I have no time to help you. Sorry. (Buisnessman walks off)

Poor Person begans to cry, then a Christian walks up. The Poor Person doesn’t bother to look up.

Christian: Oh My Gosh! Are you alright?

Poor Person: Why do you care? No one else does.

Christian: I’m sorry, but I believe your wrong.

Poor Person:(looks up confused) What?

Christian: God cares about you and he loves you.

Poor Person looks up and doesn’t know what to say. Than finally says: You’re right, God does love me.

Christian: Yes, he does. He loves everyone.

Poor Person smiles.

Christian: C’mon, lets go get you something to eat and find you a place to stay.

Poor Person: (Poor Person stands up and smiles) Thank you so much for helping me.

Christian: Your welcome. (smiles) I wolud help you anytime.

Poor Person: (Poor Person smiles) Hey,would please tell me more about God?

Christian: Of course, and I would be more than happy to take you to church with me.

Poor Person: (smiles) I would like that.

Both walk of stage.

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