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Simon enters

Simon: Crikey! It seems to be some kind of Monster?

His companion who shall be called Jenny enters now

Jenny: OMG that thing is ugly!!!

Simon: I know! But never the less we must destroy it before it runs ramped through the town of Orange West of Sydney.

Enter Film crew

Film Crew: And here we are today live from cave Opmuns where Simon and his trusty but not very smart companion Jenny test there bravely by attempting to defeat the Monster! Look over there, we have a chance to talk to Simon, the man him self! Simon how are you?

Simon: Well by the looks of things I think it’s going to be a productive day today!

Film Crew: Are you worried that the Monster will win today?

Simon: Never! Not under my guard. Now I must be off toodles!

Jenny: BYE!!!

Film crew: Look at the bravery on their faces. Inspiration to us all mate. If everyone in the world were like them, then it would be a very brave population.

Simon and Jenny walk into the cave.


Simon and jenny come running out screaming and keep on running off the stage!

Monster emerges!

Monster: BOO!

Film Crew: Is that all! Just some little monster thing that couldn’t even hurt a fly!

Simon (from off stage) Look at the bones! It can jump about……! Its got big nasty pointy teeth!

Film crew: OK go and cut its head off!

Film crew draws straws and Reporter ends up walking over to monster.
Monster knocks Reporters head off.

Remaining film crew: JESUS CHRIST

Simon: I warned you but NOOO! It’s just a person.

Film Crew: Oh shut up
Monster kills all!

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