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Ambassadors for Christ

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this skit is a job interview for the position of Christs ambassador there
are 5 applicants(more or less if you want)
1st applicant is a robot it mimics and copies the interviewer

2nd is a old wise old man who thinks he should be hired because of his
experience and wisdom

3rd is an inntellect who astounds the interviewrer with his intellect or
at least tries too he should be hired because he is a genious possibly the
smartest man thet ever lived

4th is a body builder holds the title of the worlds strongest man he can
lift a car with one hand he should get hired becasue of his strength

5th is a child maybe the interviewers son he wants the Job cause he wants
to be just like his daddy

this is just a general idea use appropriate costumes and dialogue you
notice on several of my ideas i try to stay vague thats cause i want you
to be creative and customize it according to your group i find that canned
anything doesnt generally work keep
it real yo!

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