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Whats on you Mind?

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Need: either a prerecorded video showing various tv shows movies music
videaos newspaper articles etc . . with small blips of jesus church etc in
it make other stuff out way jesus if you do not have video recording and
editing capability then use actual
items like CDs books etc . . . you will also need A bed a Patient and A

Action: the Doctor anounces a new break through in science has led to the
invention of the mentalexposurtoryreveliatorium(or whatever) this
incredible machine lets you see on video all of your thoughts. To
demonstrate this amazing machine PATIENT has co
uragously and genourously volunteered. Doctor motions to patient patient
approaches doctor sits on bed. Doctor asks patient why he wants to be
hooked up to such a revealing device. Patient Replys with something to the
extent that he volunteered exactly
for the reason it was reveling becasue he has been struggling with his
christian walk and was hoping this would help. just go from here with
whatever to teach that what we fill our mind with affects us.(Maybe use a
third Actor like a pastor or something

Make it a game show atmosphere.
have multiple patients
you can use this idea for several lessons be creative

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