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Angel (dressed in normal human clothing) Man
An angel accidentally appears to a man on earth.

Angel: (stumbles in.) Man! That was some time-warp. I gotta be more careful where I step. (looks around) Wonder where I am?
Man: (enters) Hey, what are you doing in here? How’d you get in here?
Angel: (looks around and behind him) Me?
Man: (sarcastically) No, I was talking to that wall. Who else would I be talking to?
Angel: But … but you can’t see me.
Man: What?
Angel: I’m invisible.
Man: (sarcastically) Oh! An invisible man? Well, we get all kinds around here.
Angel: This is crazy. You’re not supposed to be able to see me . . . or hear me, either.
Man: (even more sarcastically) Well, I guess your magic potion wore off.
Angel: It’s not a potion. You see, I’m m not a man. I’m …
Man: Oh!
Angel: Really! I’m an angel.
Man: Is that right? Well, you certainly don’t look like an angel to me. Where’s your wings?
Angel: Look, I must have stumbled into a weird time-warp and ended up here by accident. I’ve always heard that when angels appear to men they look like men. That’s the only form you could perceive, of course.
Man: Man, are you looney! I gotta get your tail out of here before I start believing you.
Angel: Listen, friend, you’ve got to help me get back to the spirit world. I was just on my way back to a new assignment—my first human. I used to only work with animals. I was in charge of skunks. Can you believe it? Am I glad that’s over! I remember one time—
Man: Look, buddy, if you don’t get out of here, I’m gonna have to call the police.
Angel: But you don’t understand. I have to go out the same way I came in—through the time-warp that is connected to this room.
Man: Well, go ahead and fly out, Mr. Angel.
Angel: You still don’t believe me.
Man: Why should I? You haven’t done anything angelic.
Angel: What do you expect? A miracle?
Man: Now that wouldn’t be a bad idea.
Angel: You humans are all alike.
Man: Well?
Angel: Oh! (disgusted) O.K. But this is strictly unauthorized procedure. Uh, how about if I tell you what you are thinking just now? You are wanting to get rid of me so you can go downstairs and talk to Miss Wells, a secretary in this building. Uh, wait, there’s more. You’re thinking about what she is wearing today. You, uh, you’re having other thoughts, but I refuse to speak of them. (pause) Well, was that satisfactory?
Man: I’ve seen people mind read before. Now if you could get me a date with Miss Wells, that would be a miracle.
Angel: I’m afraid I don’t have time for that. I noticed you seem to be quite thirsty. How about something cool and refreshing?
Man: Sure. (Water flies in from offstage, hitting Man.)
Angel: (smiling) Sorry, I forgot the cup. (Cup flies in.) Would you care for something to eat?
Man: No! No, that’s fine. Listen, how about a different kind of miracle?
Angel: Sir, I’m afraid I can’t stand here all day to work miracles for you. You’ve just got to believe me.
Man: Just one more.
Angel: I think you should know that the greatest sign you could want has already been given you.
Man: What are you talking about?
Angel: The greatest miracle in the world was when Jesus Christ died and God raised him back to life.
Man: But how can you expect me to believe that? I didn’t see it happen.
Angel: You don’t have to see it. All you have to do is believe it. (pause) Hey, something is happening to me. I feel like I’m being pulled away. (falls off stage)
Man: (thinking) You know, one good miracle and I might have believed him. (shrugs and exits)

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