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Script: The lights come up on a typical student union. Joe is seated at a table studying in preparation for an upcoming test. Nick, a super straight-looking student, approaches and sits right next to Joe, ignoring the empty seats around him.
Nick: Hi. How ya doin’? Do you live around here?

Joe: (eyes still on books) Yeah.

Nick: Where? Where do you live?

Joe: (still reading) In the dorms.

Nick: Really? I thought about living there once. What’s it like? (Joe doesn’t answer.) Do you study here all the time?

Joe: (With his concentration finally broken, he gives Nick a hard look.) Yes, I study here a lot because over in the dorms too many people bother me and I can’t concentrate!

Nick: Yeah, it must be really hard to study with people bothering you all the time.

Joe: Yes, it is!

Nick: (begins talking faster, acts rather nervous and unsure) Are you saved?

Joe: What?

Nick: Are you saved? You see, I belong to the Go With God Student Christian Club, and we are sort of taking a survey to see who is going to hell. But you don’t have to go to hell. (Nick pulls out a booklet called “God wants You!”) Right here in this little book is a chance for you to have eternal life. Here on page one it says, “You are hiding from God in the wretchedness of your ugly sins. You must repent—”

Joe: (He is dumbfounded and speechless until this point.) Wait a minute.

Nick: Oh, please save your questions until I’ve read you the whole thing.

Joe: In case it’s not obvious, I’m trying to study.

Nick: There are only three more pages. Now this verse from the Bible …

Joe: (louder) I am not interested in your weird religious ideas!

Nick: (pause) What’s your name?

Joe: My name isn’t important. Will you please go away so I can study?

Nick: If you don’t listen to me, your name, whatever it is, won’t be written in the Book of Life and—

Joe: (Very mad, he explodes.) Look! I am trying to study, or are you too ignorant to see that. What is it with you Jesus Freaks anyway? Do you work on a commission basis? One more star in your halo for every soul saved! Well, I’m not interested, so flake off!

Nick: (pause, dead serious) He said we would be persecuted.

Joe: (resigned) I don’t believe this! (He slams book shut, rips booklet in half, throws it in Nick’s face and storms off mumbling something about crazy fanatics. The lights fade, all except a large pool of light down center stage. Nick rises and enters pool of light.)

Mr. Applegate: (from the darkness behind Nick) That was very good, Nick.

Nick: (His whole composure changed to a strong determined person.) That wasn’t just “very good.”

Mr. Applegate: (He comes into the light with Nick. He wears a dark business suit, and there is something ominous about him.) How do you mean?

Nick: That was the best you’ve ever seen. I know it, you know it, and Number One knows it.

Mr. Applegate: That’s why I have come to talk to you. Number One has a new assignment for you.

Nick: It’s about time.

Mr. Applegate: There is a new church and coffeehouse that has just opened on the north side. The man who runs it has a very intimate relationship with the Enemy. He is very dangerous and could change our whole standing there without some fast action. Number One seems to think that you are creative enough to come up with some good moves. We’ll start you as a heroin pusher, but if you can’t work with that let us know and other arrangements can be made. Can you handle it?

Nick: I can.

Mr. Applegate: Good. Let me warn you Nick, we don’t usually let demons of your standing take a job like this. If you fail, well, you know what will happen.

Nick: I know.

Mr. Applegate: Very well. You’ll start right away.

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