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Actors There are three characters, although the person who plays God could be offstage so that only his voice is heard. The setting is heaven.
Action Tom: (knocks and an angel opens the door) Hi! My name is Tom. I would like to see the person in charge, please.
Angel: Sure, come on in.
Tom: Look, uh, I know this guy is really important, but do you think he would see someone like me?
Angel: He sees everyone. You can see him any time you’d like.
Tom: Could I see him now?
Angel: Go right on in.
Tom: Now?
Angel: Yes.
Tom: (hesitating and then slowly walking in) Uh, excuse me, my name is Tom. I wondered if I could see you for a few minutes?
God: My name is God and I’ve got all the time you need.
Tom: Well, I’m going to high school right now, and I am a little confused about what I should do. A couple of my friends say you can help, but they seem just as confused as I am. To be quite honest, I haven’t really been impressed by your work. I mean, don’t get me wrong, my friends are really good friends, you know, and they really seem to like me, but they haven’t got it so good. Bob, one of my friends, his dad is an alcoholic and my other friends’ folks are getting a divorce. The crazy thing is my folks are great, I really love them, everything’s going great except … except I can’t seem to see the point in life. In spite of all the junk that is happening to my friends, they really seem to be convinced that you are important. So that’s why I’m here. I just thought you could give me some pointers. I just feel kinda lost.
God: My price is high.
Tom: That’s O.K., because my folks are pretty well off. What is it?
God: All.
Tom: All?
God: Yes, All. Everything.
Tom: Sheesh. Don’t you have a lay-a-way plan? How about a pay as you go? Isn’t your profit margin a little out of line?
God: Actually, my cost was quite high also … ask my Son.
Tom: Well, uh, I think I’ll have to wait awhile. I appreciate your taking the time to talk to me and I’m sure you’re worth it; it’s just that at my age, it’s a little too soon to give up everything. After all, when you’re young that’s when the good times happen. Besides, I think I can get what I’m looking for at a much cheaper price.
God: Be careful, Tom. The price may be cheaper, but your cost may be much higher than you think.
Tom: Yeah, sure. Well, nice talking to you, God. Maybe I’ll see you around some time.
God: Yes, Tom, and there’s no maybe about it.

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