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You might want to create several more of these and feature one each week at your youth meeting. For example, at some time during each meeting, Super-Christian arrives “just in the nick of time.” The kids will laugh as well as learn something.
Daughter: (runs on stage—her bedroom) Oh, Mom, you never trust me! You never let me do the things I want to do. I always have to follow your rules or Dad’s rules or Gramma’s rules or my teacher’s rules. I never get to do what I want to do!
Mom: (entering room) Mary Beth, don’t walk away from me when I am talking to you! Why is it whenever we have an argument, you run to your room to cry like a baby? If you’re so grown up, why don’t you talk to me, instead of throwing a tantrum!
Daughter: When I do talk, you never listen! It’s like you turn off your ears. You just stand there with your arms crossed and nod your head just like you’re doing now. You lay down the law and expect me to obey you, and you don’t listen to my feelings at all!
Mom: Mary Beth, try to understand that the rules, as you call them, are there to protect you, to teach you right from wrong. You are too young to be going to a high school party, and those kids are too wild. I’m afraid of the things that go on—the drugs, the alcohol. You don’t need that kind of temptation!
Daughter: You are so unfair! So mean! I wouldn’t do anything stupid! I don’t want to do drugs, I just want to be with my friends and have fun. Stop treating me like a child!
Mom: But you are a child, and as long as you are a child in my house, you will do as I say!
Someone in the audience: This looks like a job for Super-Christian!

(Super-Christian enters with theme song playing. He trips on the stage as he enters.)

Super-C: Well, here I am. Ready to save the day! What’s the problem here?
Mom: Ralph, what are you doing in that ridiculous outfit?
Super-C: I’m not Ralph. I’m that awesomely handsome, wise, and wonderful superhero who rescues people who are in distress! And I’ve come to open your eyes through the power of God to help you find a solution to your problem!
Daughter: All right, Ralph. What do you and God have to say about Mom not trusting me, not listening to me, and not letting me have any fun?
Super-C: Mom, you love Mary Beth, right? And Mary Beth, you love Mom, right? Well, that’s the answer, right there. No need to thank me—
Mom: Wait a minute. You want to run that by me again in slow motion so I can understand?

Super-C: Sure. Because you love each other, you can help each other understand how you feel. But you don’t have to fight about it. Just listen when the other speaks. Mom, if you really love Mary Beth, you won’t need rules to protect her. Your love will teach her right from wrong. And you can trust her because through your love you have taught her how to make a choice and how to accept the consequences.
Mary Beth, if you really love Mom, you’d see that she is just trying to help you grow. She doesn’t want you to get hurt. You’ve got to try and accept her way, because God chose her to be your teacher. If you both listen to each other, you’ll be able to work out a compromise. (He exits with the theme music playing.)

Mom: I’m sorry, Mary Beth. I’ll try to be a better listener. If you want to go to that party, you can, but you have to be home by eleven.
Daughter: I’m sorry, too. And I’ll try to listen better to you. Actually, I don’t think I’ll go to that party anyway. I think I’ll just stay home and pick on Ralph. Hey, where did he go, anyway?

Tim: (lonely guy, on stage sitting on a choir, speaking to the audience) Did you ever have one of those days when you feel like crawling under a rock, like hiding in the closet, like folding yourself up like a letter and stuffing yourself in an envelope and mailing yourself to the North Pole and getting lost in the mail? Well, that’s exactly how I feel. I just got my science exam back. I got a 37. I can’t believe it, a 37! I’m going to die. The only 37 in the class. Why do I even bother going to school? And to top that off, I just found out I didn’t make the soccer team. And get this—my mom told me I’m going to have to wear braces and my best friend is moving to Tazmania! My dog is even growling at me. My father cut my allowance. I mean, talk about a rough life, you’re looking at the king of losers!
Someone in Audience: This looks like a job for Super-Christian! (He enters running through the audience and yelling.)
Super-C: Here I come to save the day! I heard about all your bad luck and I just wanted to cheer you up.
Tim: Even your silly costume won’t cheer me up. I’m a zero.., washed up … finished . . . a failure … kaput!
Super-C: Hey, don’t give up. There have been people worse off than you who still found lots to be thankful for! Why I know a guy who was betrayed by a good friend, whipped, laughed at, spit upon, and eventually killed just because he didn’t fit in.
Tim: God.
Super-C: That’s right! And you know even after that, he rose above all those horrible things and forgave all the people who hurt him. He knew that even dying wasn’t going to stop him. Now he is honored and praised by people all over the world. Now, don’t you think if that guy made it through all that suffering that you could make it through your run of hard times! After all, Jesus said he would be with you always—even when the going gets rough. Tim: Yeah, you’re right. I guess I was just drowning in self-pity. Thanks for the rescue.
Super-C: (They walk off together.) Come on, let’s go get a Coke down at the 7-Eleven. Sorry about the soccer team. I never was much good at it either. Why don’t we go practice together a little later.

Girl: (runs out, looks all over the stage for something) Now where could I have put it? I’m always losing it. Maybe it’s over there. (goes into audience, looks for it, and asks one of the audience) Hey, have you seen it? No, you won t know where it is. Nobody knows what happened to it!
Youth Director: What are you doing? You are interrupting our meeting. Why don’t you look for whatever you lost after the meeting is over?
Girl: I can’t! I can’t sit down at a time like this! I’m so depressed. Maybe I should sit down and think about it. Then I’ll remember where I lost it! (sits on stage)
Youth Director: Well, this looks like a job for Super-Christian! (shouts) YO! SUPER-CHRISTIAN! YOU’RE ON!
Super-C: (enters with theme music) Ta Da! Here I am to save the day! What’s the problem? Where’s the problem? (looks around)
Girl: Oh, it’s not here anywhere! I can’t find it.
Super-C: Mind if I ask what it is you’re looking for?
Girl: Well, let me describe it for you. It’s kind of big and strong and comes in handy when you’re feeling hopeless. Like I am right now. Some people have a lot of it. Some people have just a little, like about the size of a grain of mustard seed. But it will grow if you let it. Unfortunately, I just lost mine. Super-C: H’m. I don’t get it.
Girl: My faith, dummy! I’ve lost my faith and I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve looked to my friends, my family, my church, in the closet, under my bed, and even in here. And so far, I’ve come up empty.
Super-C: Have you looked in your… … heart? Or in the Bible? Have you looked to Jesus?
Girl: My heart is empty. I don’t understand Bible talk and I can’t see Jesus. How can I believe in someone I can’t see?
Super-C: That’s what your faith is all about! Believing that Jesus is your friend and Savior, the one who will fill your heart and help you understand his Word. Let me share some of my faith with you. And together, we can help yours to grow.

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