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Actors Announcer
Buddy Barker
Adelle Haggerty
Judge Judge Judge Judge Aunty Ruth Goldenrod
Barry Speerchucker
Action Announcer: It?s the $64,000 Testimony! And now, here?s the host of the $64,000 Testimony, Buddy Barker!
Barker: Thank you, thank you! You?re too kind! Please hold the applause! Thank you. We?ve got a tremendous show for you with some stiff competition! See how well you match up with our judges as we rate the testimony of our first contestant, Adelle Haggerty! Welcome to our show, Adelle. Please step up to the microphone and give us the best testimony you?ve got!
Adelle: Thank you, Buddy. I?d like to tell you all that Jesus is all the world to me. Life~ with him is joy unspeakable and full of glory, full of glory, full of glory and the half of it has never yet been told. It?s been my experience that Jesus never fails. What a friend I?ve had in Jesus since he loves me just as I am. Thank you.
Barker: Thank you, Adelle! Let?s see how our judges respond. Judge Judge Judge Barker: Judge Judge Barker: And Judge Judge Barker: O.K.?how about our next contestant! Aunty Ruth Goldenrod!
Aunty: I accepted Christ when I was a child of four years, at which point I realized that my sin was making habitation for Satan. At four-and-a-half, I was sanctified wholly, forever being cleansed of Adam?s original and depraved sin. My call to the mission field did not come until I was eight years old and thus ended the three-and-one-half years of trials and searching. I have served him unfailingly and without complaint since then. For I know my reward is in the life to come.
Barker: Thank you, Aunty Ruth! Judges?
Judge Judge Barker: What about you, Judge Judge Barker: And Judge Judge Barker: I think our judges are being extra careful today! Keep in mind, you who are in our viewing audience, that this panel has heard thousands of testimonies, songs, prayers, pleas for money, and sermons. They were hand-picked by me for their vast experience. They?re the best in the business, if I do say so. So, you have to do something pretty zany to tickle these fellows? ears! And speaking of zany, let?s bring out our third contestant, Barry Speerchucker, who will be giving his testimony in song!
Barry: Life?started out like a race track. The starting line covered with cars. With a word, we?re all dodging and crashing, ?till we reach the checkered flag in the stars.
Barker: A creative approach indeed! Judges, how do you react? Let?s start with Judge Judge Barker: O.K., Judge Judge Barker: And Judge Judge Barker: And Judge Judge Barker: Well, that?s it for tonight. Our judges are tabulating the scores to see who our big winner is. The winner is?Oh! I can?t believe it?the winner is Aunty Ruth Goldenrod! Congratulations, Aunty Ruth Goldenrod, you have won the $64,000 Testimony.
Aunty: Oh! Oh! Oh! I am so excited! Oh, Praise the Lord! Oh, I?m so happy and here?s the reason why!
Barker: And what is the reason, Aunty?
Aunty: What?
Barker: I say, what is the reason you?re so happy?
Aunty: I don?t know what you?re talking about, smarty-pants.
Barker: But Aunty Ruth Goldenrod, you just said, ?I?m so happy and here?s the reason why.? So why are you so happy?
Aunty: What are you? An intellectual or something? How do I know why? I just said it. I don?t have to answer your tricky questions.
Barker: Well, that?s all the time we have, folks. Tonight?s big winner of the $64,000 Testimony has been Aunty Ruth Goldenrod. Tune in again next week when we will have three new contestants with three old testimonies that could just be the $64,000 Testimony!

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