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Sure enough, the Scholarly Scribe Stood up and Slyly Said to the Savior, “Sir, Surely you Surmise that I Seek a Sustained Subscription to a Solid life beyond the Solid Shale Sepulcher. So what Steps Shall I Secure for Such a Subsistence?
The Savior Said, “What Saith the Statutes?” The Stupid Scribe responded, “It Says, ‘Serve, Sigh for, and Sway with your Savior with all your Substance, Soul, Spirit, and Strength. And Sway with the Sire who Settles by your Side as you Sway with yourself.’”
“Sure,” said the Savior, “Stay So and you Shall Survive.” So, the Silly Scribe, Seeking to Save his Skin, Said, “Sir, I Solicit you to Set before me my Sidekick.” The Savior Sent home his Statement by citing a Sample:
A Sorry Sap was Sauntering Slowly Side-to-Side when Suddenly Six Serious assassins Set themselves to Smash that Silly Sap. Stripped, Stunned, and Shaken, he Stumbled and Sank to the Solid Slate of the Sidewalk. After Seemingly Several Seconds Slipped by, a Slothful Sort of celibate Saw the Simple Soul Seething on the Sidewalk. So, he Stopped and then Simply Strolled by. Soon a Selfish Shepherd who Subsisted on a Small Salary Stalled a Second and left the Sorry Simpleton Stranded. Suddenly, a Stalwart Samaritan Slid Straightway to the Subdued Subject who was Stunned. Seeing the Seriousness of the Situation, he restored the Strength of that Sorry Soul and Sitting him in the Saddle of his Staunch Stallion, Surveyed him Safely to Some Septic Sanatarium, where he Secured Some Serious Substantial Sleep for that Stranded Sojourner.
“So,” Said the Savior, “Seeing such circumstances, who Seems to be the Sympathetic Saint in Such a Situation?”
“Surely, the Samaritan,” Stammered the Scribe.
“Superb,” Said the Savior, “So must you Shape yourself.”

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