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1. The Lord
2. Joshua
3. General Beriah
4. Commander Nadab
5. Simeon
6. Ithmar
7. Caleb
8. Horn Player
9.The Curtain (Card bearer)

Equipment Hamming up the act is recommended, and costumes can be designed to fit each character. Some possibilities are yardstick swords and for helmets, football or plastic combat hats or saucepans with stars on the sides for special effect. Be creative. You’ll also need to make eight cards with the following words written on them:
1. Presenting: But Lord, Isn’t That a Bit Showy?
2. Next Day
3. Second Day
4. Third Day
5. Fourth Day
6. Fifth Day
7. Sixth Day
8. Seventh Day

Action The play begins with all characters in a huddle discussing rather loudly the battle at hand.
Joshua: All right, men, you know why we’re here. We’ve got to take Jericho. We’ve been wandering around in the wilderness for forty years and now, finally, we’ve reached the Promised Land. But, what happens when we get here? We’ve got a walled city to conquer. That’s why I’ve ordered all of you to meet with me. I thought we might come up with a plan of attack for capturing Jericho. General Beriah, what do you suggest?
Beriah: Starvation! I think we should surround the city, guard all the roads leading in, and starve them out.
Joshua: That’s not a bad idea, General Beriah. It has worked before. But, there’s a problem. You see, Jericho has a natural spring underneath it to provide them plenty of water. Also, our spies report that there’s at least two years of grain supplies in there. I suppose we could sit around here for the next three years, but that seems to lessen our element of surprise. We need to hit fast. In three years they could have all the Canaanite armies surrounding us. Commander Nadab, what’s your idea?
Nadab: I’d like to get some huge trees to use as battering rams and break down the gates. It’s a worthy plan, Sir; however, there are no trees like that around here. So I don’t think it will work.
Ithniar: If only Moses was here.
Joshua: (with an irritated glance in Ithmar’s direction) Simeon, how about you? You’re already ready for battle.
Simeon: I think we should just fight it out. Surround the city and start attacking. If we barrage them long enough and heavy enough with our full weapon power, we’ll eventually wear them down.
Joshua: The problem with that, Simeon, is that those walls are so high and wide. We really don’t have that many weapons. We need another plan.
Ithmar: I have an idea.
All: (murmuring and nudging each other with smirks) Ithmar has an idea!
Ithmar: I think we should build a large wooden horse and put some men inside. hen when they pull the horse into the city, the men jump out and open the gates.
Joshua: Ithmar, where did you ever come up with such a thing? How about you, Caleb. What’s your idea?
Caleb: Besiege the wall around the city. Then we could go right over the top. Here’s how we could do it. Find every basket we can and fill it with dirt. Get our men to carry them right up to the wall and dump them as fast as we can. We’d have a ramp in no time.
Joshua: That’s great!
Lord: Joshua. (The Lord is offstage; only his voice is heard.)
Joshua: (looking around curiously) Huh? What?
Lord: (louder) Joshua!
Joshua: (moving off by himself) Uh, just a minute, men. Take ten.
Ithmar: (annoyed) I sure wish Moses was here.
Joshua: Yes, Sir?
Lord: What do you think you’re doing?
Joshua: We’re planning our attack against Jericho, Sir.
Lord: What have you decided?
Joshua: Our ideas? Well, we were going to starve them, then we thought we’d attack them head on. Now we’re discussing a possible siege work.
Lord: Did Itbmar contribute an idea?
Joshua: Jthmar? Well, uh, yes Sir. He had this thing about a wooden horse.
Lord: I wonder where he learned to read Greek. As your commander-in-chief, may I make a suggestion?
Joshua: You have an idea for us? Thank you, Lord. Wait a minute, I’ll get something to write on. Hey, men, he’s got an idea for us! (pointing up) All right, I’m ready.
Lord: First day. Get all the mightiest men together.
Joshua: Right!
Lord: March around the city.
Joshua: Got it.
Lord: Take the rest of the day off.
Joshua: You gotta be kidding!
Lord: I’m not much of a kidder, Joshua. Second day, same thing! Third day, same thing. Do that for six days. Then, the seventh day march around the city seven times, shout, and the city’s yours!
Joshua: No offense, Lord, but this plan is the pits. We just shout and the whole thing collapses? Lord, I don’t know. The men aren’t going to believe this. Don’t you think that’s a bit overdramatic?
Lord: (clearing throat first) Joshua, did you have anything to do with the plagues in Egypt?
Joshua: No, Sir, I didn’t.
Lord: Did you have anything to do with the parting of the Red Sea?
Joshua: No, Sir, you did it.
Lord: Did you have anything to do with the manna in the wilderness?
Joshua: No, Sir.
Lord: Do you know how to strike a rock and make water gush forth?
Joshua: No, Sir. And I didn’t have anything to do with the burning bush or parting the waters of the Jordan.
Lord: I have a reputation for doing things a bit differently, you might say, and I’m batting 1000 by the way.
Joshua: (rolling eyes) All right, I get the drift. We’ll do it your way. (rejoining men) O.K., men, I’ve got another plan here.
Ithrnar: I know! We’re going to build a giant hollow camel!
Joshua: NO! O.K.? And I wish you’d quit saying, “If only Moses was here.” Moses isn’t here, but I am and I’m in charge. Moses disappeared up on that mountain, and we haven’t seen him since. I’m sure he’s dead. Anyway, men, here are the orders. In the morning get your best soldiers and equip them in full armor—swords, spears, shields, everything. Have them lined up by dawn. Ithmar, you get the horn act together with your first horn player. We’ll be carrying the ark of the covenant. We’ll march around the city single file, and everyone is to be absolutely quiet. Then, you get the rest of the day off. (All show signs of disbelief and amazement, murmuring.)
Joshua: That’s right. The second day we’ll do the same thing. Got it? We’ll do this six days in a row, then on the seventh day we’ll march around the city seven times. While everyone faces the city and the horn plays extra loud, we’ll shout and the, uh, walls will, uh, tumble down. Now I know it sounds wild, but we’re going to do it just like he said. If it doesn’t work, it’s his fault, not ours. See you in the morning. (All sack out around the stage. The curtain moves across stage with Joshua: O.K., everybody up. Let’s go. Get in line there. We’ve got to look in top shape. One time around the city, men. And everyone quiet, except for the blowing of that horn. That is a horn, isn’t it? Where’s Ithmar? (Ithmar wanders up.) Ithmar, you slept in.
Ithmar: You know what, Joshua? I think Moses is alive and well and living on the Riviera.
Joshua: ITHMAR! Do you have the horn number ready to go?
Ithmar: (shrugs shoulders and gets in line) Yes.
Joshua: (all marching around a portion of the room) O.K., let’s go. Once around the city. Hup, two, three, four. Keep smiling! All the way around, Ithmar. Blow the horn! O.K., that’s it, men. Same time, same place tomorrow. (The curtain holds up Joshua: All right, men. Everyone in line. Now, remember, just once around the city.
Beriah: Did you see the way they looked at us yesterday? They hung all over the walls wondering what we were up to.
Joshua: (talking to himself) Sometimes I wonder! (to men) Now, here we go . . . hup, two, three, four. (Characters continue to march while the curtain moves across stage showing cards Joshua: (Men stop briefly.) Whew! Well, men, this is it. This is our big day. I hope you’re in shape. Seven times around the city, but keep it quiet. Horn, your big number is on the seventh lap. Then everyone turns, shouts, and watches. All right, men, keep in step. Hup, two, three, four. Hup, hup, hup, hup. That’s once. Keep it up. Hup, hup. Play that horn! That’s twice . . . and three times. Four times. Five . . . six . . . seven times. All right, let her rip! Everyone shout! (All shout.) It worked! Uh, CHARGE, men. Take the city! Ithmar, did you see that?
Lord: Joshua!
Joshua: (looking up) Huh? Oh! Go on, Ithmar. (waves him offstage) Yes, Sir! Did you see that? It’s amazing. What a great plan! Joshua, cool your heels and get this down. Oh, yes Sir. I’ll write it down. Total, strict obedience to the Lord produces amazing, dramatic effects. That’s great. Thank you, Lord. I won’t forget that, no Sir! Well, they don’t call me omnipotent for nothing. And, uh, Joshua, tell Jthmar that Moses is up here with me.
Joshua: (with wide grin and then a glance toward exit) Ithmar! Hey Ithmar, I’ve got news.

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