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STEVE: a young man in dirty torn clothes. He used to be a Christian and a member of a church but no longer believes.

SARAH: a young woman neat and pretty in appearance. She is a Christian of the church Steve used to go to. She loves Steve secretly..

CLIFF and ROGER: Steve’s newer friends. The sort who like trouble and always seem to be able to make it even if it isn’t around.

SECURITY GUARD: a minor character looking after a warehouse full of electronic equipment.

(he isn’t seen and is only an offstage character i.e. soundperson.)



Equipment (For this drama, you need to be able to divide the stage in two to make room for the present day and biblical scenes. Keep the centre stage clear for the closing scene).



(We open with an alley scene. The lights fade in to find Steve kicking at something on the ground. He is upset and muttering to himself.)

Steve: What’s my father mean by saying I have to straighten up my act or get out? Who does he think he is anyway, trying to tell me what to do with my life? (Sarah enters the alley and has obviously heard what Steve said to himself. She appears concerned and anxious about the fairly dark alley.)

Sarah: Are you all right Steve? I saw you come in here. This alley is filthy.

Steve: (turns quickly as he didn’t know she was there. He is not happy to see her.) What do you care what happens to me? Why are you following me?

Sarah: (shaken by his reaction but pulls herself together) I…. I didn’t mean to make you angry. I just saw you come slamming out of your apartment and thought I’d see if I could help. You looked pretty mad.

Steve: (still angry) Dad threatened to kick me out unless I clean up my act. He says he’s tired of the trouble I keep getting into and having to talk to the police. He says it’s because of my new friends. He says I should go back to finish night school and get a job.

Sarah: (cautious) Maybe he’s right. Since you started hanging around with Cliff and Roger you have been getting into trouble. Before that it was those other boys down the block, the ones who got arrested for……

Steve:(angrily cuts her off) What are you my mother! Get off my case. Mom’s been dead for 3 years. My friends are my concern.

Sarah:(now angry herself) Look, I just happen to care what happens to you. You used to be a Christian and my friend. Now look at yourself! You were just lucky you weren’t with those boys when they broke into that store or you would be in jail too! Now you’re hanging around with a couple more just like them. What are you looking for?

Steve:(quieter now. He sits down on a box.) I don’t know what I want anymore? Ever since Mom died all Dad and I do is fight. I don’t know what’s real anymore. I even got kicked out of church for smoking in the bathroom last year. Not even Christians want me.

Sarah: That’s not true. You know Captain (or some other clergy) has tried to talk to you and I care.

(Cliff and Roger enter. They look ticked off to find Sarah talking to Steve.)

Cliff: What are you talking to her for?

Roger: Yea. We’re your friends anyway. Not her. Who helped you out with a place to sleep the last time you and your old man got into a fight?

(They come over and grab his arm. They head out of the alley taking Steve with them.)

Cliff (sarcastic): Sorry Sarah. He’s here to meet us not you and we’ve got places to go right Steve?

Steve:(not too loud at first) Yea. These guys are my friends, not you and your so called Christians.

Leave me alone. I’m going with these guys.

Sarah:(shouts)Steve!(It’s too late the alley is dark and empty. She sits on the box Steve was sitting on a moment ago). Dear Jesus, please look after him. He’s all right really. Please keep him safe and help him to see what he’s doing. (After this quiet prayer the lights fade out and a song is heard in the background.)


(We see Pilate and Jesus before a small crowd. Voices in the background yell “Crucify him, Crucify him!”)

Pilate: (shouting to be heard) This Jesus has done nothing wrong! See Him. I have had him beaten! (We hear,” Crucify him, Crucify him!”)

Pilate: He is guilty of no crimes. He should go free.

(Again, we hear “Crucify him, crucify him)

Pilate: So be it. His death is on your heads! I wash my hands of this. Soldiers! Take this man and crucify him. (Soldiers walk up the aisle to drag Jesus back down the aisle.

(Lights fade out to the cry of , “Crucify him, Crucify him!”as the soldiers drag Jesus away.)

(All exit and a song plays in the background.)


(The lights come on to the right. We see Steve, Cliff, and Roger talking excitedly)

Cliff: What do you mean you’re not sure this is a good idea? We let you hang around with us, we take you to parties, and you don’t want to help us!

Roger: Yea, what kind of friend are you anyway?

Steve: (upset and nervous) I like you guys but I’m not sure I’m ready to break into a warehouse for a few lousy T.V.s. What if we get caught?

Cliff: We’re not gonna get caught! The old security guard is way over on the other side of the warehouse and he’s usually fast asleep by this time. We’ve been checking this place out for some time. There’s nothing to worry about.

Roger: (slyly)Are you afraid Steve?

Steve: (indignant) Of course I’m not! I just don’t want anything to go wrong. (walks around -nervous.)

Cliff: Don’t worry, nothing will go wrong. We’ll be in and out in 5 minutes with the T.V.s. (gets up)Come on let’s get going. (Looks at the cross on Steve’s neck.) You won’t be needing that cross tonight. (He breaks it off and lets it fall to the ground.)

(all 3 exit but Steve stops for a moment and almost picks up the cross.)



(The lights to the left come on to an empty stage. We see Golgotha. Two crosses are already in place with the thieves [fakes or actors].)

(Soldiers begin to enter [via the aisle] shouting at Jesus. Ahead of them some people enter.)

(Jesus staggers in with the cross on His back. The people ahead of them point and whisper among themselves.)

(Jesus falls to the ground [about halfway up the aisle]. The Cross on His back.)

Simon of Cyrene: What me?! I…. I don’t want …..

Simon: Alright, I’ll do it. (He moves to Jesus and the Lord looks at him and smiles. He takes the Cross from Jesus and puts it on his own back. Jesus staggers to his feet.)


(Lights come on to find Sarah walking around looking for Steve. She is very worried)

Sarah: Where is he? I hope they don’t get into trouble! (She stops and looks down to find the cross Steve wears around his neck lying on the ground.) This is Steve’s cross. I gave it to him a couple of years ago. (she begins to cry and still holds the cross) Oh Steve!. (she stops crying and begins to wipe away the tears and starts to say a prayer) Oh Jesus, I don’t know where he is and I’m so afraid! He’s not all bad, he’s just hurt and confused. I don’t know what to do! Dear God we need you! Please help us. Please help me. I can’t help him by myself. (still crying softly, she stands and moves away while the lights fade out and a song begins.)


(The lights come on to find us back at the Crucifixion scene. Jesus has been on the cross awhile and is clearly in great agony. The women are weeping.)

Jesus:(in pain) Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing!

Jesus: My God, My God! Why have you forsaken me?!

(pause for a minute while the soldiers gamble for his clothes)

Jesus: I thirst!

Jesus: (in great pain) Father into thy hands I commit my Spirit. (His head falls over and he dies.)

Women: No! (renewed crying. Lights fade out to a song playing in the background.)


(At the warehouse we find the 3 young men moving around television boxes.)

Cliff: I told you this would be easy. No security guard in sight.

Roger: No problem. Everything is working perfectly.

Steve: I still don’t like this. It feels wrong.

Cliff: What do you mean it feels wrong? You won’t complain when we sell these T.V.s and have some money in our pockets. You pile up these T.V.s and Roger and I will go get some more.

(Roger and Cliff go out of sight. Steve moves a couple of boxes and stops.)

Steve: (looking hurt and confused) What am I doing? Maybe Dad is right. I am no good. I shouldn’t be here doing this. (pauses and sits down) What do I do? Who can help me now? (as he says this his hand moves to the cross that is supposed to be on his neck). What? Oh yeah, the cross is gone. (He looks up to the ceiling – long pause). Can God really help me now? ( a further pause).

(suddenly we hear running and shouting. The other boys come around the corner out of breath.)

Cliff: Let’s get out of here. They got a new security guard and he’s got a gun.

Roger: Forget the stupid boxes.

Steve: You said there was nothing to worry about.

Cliff: Yeah, well forget what I said. Let’s………

(a security guard yells)

Security Guard: Stop or I’ll shoot! Stop!

(the boys start to run tripping over the boxes and a shot rings out)

(Lights go out quickly on a now empty scene and silence. After a few seconds a song plays).


(The lights come on to reveal the Cross in the background but the focus is on the empty tomb. Two women approach the tomb.)

(They are amazed to find the tomb empty.)

Women: The stone is rolled away! What has happened!

(They look around but find nothing. Jesus appears beside the tomb. They can not believe their eyes. Jesus’ glory shines around Him. They kneel. Pause for a minute.)

(The lights stay on Jesus as he turns to face the scene on the other side of the stage and the lights over there come up.)

(We see Steve kneeling beside the lifeless form of Cliff somewhere outside the warehouse.)

Steve:(in shock and very distressed) Cliff is dead. Roger ran away. What do I do? Oh God please help me! (sobbing)

Sarah:(runs around the corner and stops at the sight of Cliff. She cries out and kneels next to Steve.) You’re all right. Are you hurt? Dear God, Cliff is dead. (pause).

Steve: Yes, he is dead.(calmly) You were right. It was me who turned my back on God. He didn’t turn His back on me. (He stands.) That could be me lying there. (pauses for effect – begins to move)

Sarah: Where are you going?

Steve: I’m going to do something I should have done a long time ago. I’m going to ask Jesus for help. (he moves away from the scene and looks at the Cross as the lights bear on the Cross. Keep lights on the main scene and on Jesus as well. Steve looks at the hammer and nails left lying there and picks them up. He turns to the audience for all to see.)

Steve: It is me. All along I’ve been pounding nails into Jesus. I helped nail Jesus to the cross with my sins. (He drops to his knees and cries out) Jesus, can you forgive me. Please help me. I know I have sinned and I need you to show me the way. (softly crying).

(Music begins softly. Jesus moves towards Steve and comes around behind him. He stops for a brief moment and then bends over to lift Steve up. Jesus puts his hands around him and holds him up. The hammer and nails are still in Steve’s hands. After a moment they fall to the floor. All lights go out except the ones on Jesus and Steve. After a minute all the other actors gather around Jesus and Steve and they kneel. The music continues until the end of the song. Then the whole group sings ‘I Pledge Allegiance’. The officer or minister takes over at this point with an appeal. )


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