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Actors One boy and one girl

Costumes Girl dressed as a usual girl, and boy has cool dress (maybe something that a bodybuilder would put on)

Action Girl is coming out and starts to walk on the scene as if she isn’t happy with the coming spring. She smells the flowers but she’s not pleased with it. Then she hears the voice of God calling her to give her heart to God. After some time of doubting, she gives her heart to God as something absolutely dead, as trash without any value. Shortly after this, God calls her again and gives her a new living heart, girl very carefully puts this heart (which she shows is now beating) inside of her and starts to dance full of joy.
Then the boy comes out, sees the girl and shows himself off makes thegirl give her heart to him. At first the girl refuses but the boy shows his muscles and makes her crazy about him, so she gives her heart to the boy. But the boy starts to play with this heart and crushes it and leaving the scene. Girl is crying and trying to gather her broken heart but it’s impossible. God calls her again and asks for her heart. The girl gives her heart to God, He renews it and gives back. After a dance of joy, the boy appears again with the same request. The girl refuses to give her new heart to the boy explaining to him why (in actions; this skit doesn’t have words). Offended boy turns to the side of the scene. God calls the girl and tells her to go and testify to the boy (showing him that God loves him and that Jesus died for him on the cross). At first she refuses, but then goes and testify. At first the boy is laughing but then listens and gives his heart to God who died for him. God gives a new heart to the boy and they start to dance together with the girl. Their dance finishes with the figure of the heart, which they make by pointing to the people each from his side and then connecting their hands in the figure of heart.

Music Guitar – improvisation.
Time Approximately 5 min

Categories: Youth

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