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Child in Darkness

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Actors Needed : 6 Persons
1 Devil * (D) Card

1 Jesus * (J)

1 Suicidal * (S) Death

1 “Riches” (R) Wealth

1 “Wisdom” (W) Knowledge

1 “Power” (P) Power

also possible 1 “alcohol” instead on eof the others

Equipment U needs four cards with words on like written above. On the backside of the card there have to be some tape that it is possible to glue it on the breast on the players
Costumes At least the devil should be black in black good also with some facepainting like black lipstick
Action S enters the scene acting suicidal, and life searching
S leaves, R enters and searches

D enters dancing around

R shows emptiness D gets exited

D offers “Riches” , R considers the offer facing J once

R chooses “Riches” and begins acting out gathering things… first happy but the more there is the more he gets depressed

D freezes R in a position desperate looking position

W enters, showing emptiness (head), D reacts on W

D offers “Wisdom”, W considers the offer facing J once

W chooses “Wisdom” and begins acting out reading books… first happy then more and more depressed (big head)

D freezes W in a position desperate looking position

P enters, acting out fear, D reacts on P

D offers “Power”, P considers the offer facing J once

P chooses “Power” and begins acting out lifting weights… when lifting happy (strong), but every time he stets down the lever he gets more and more afraid

D freezes P in a position desperate looking position

S enters again looking one by one at all the frozen people, first interested in what they have, but scared away in that moment seeing how they ended up

S walks back in the middle of the scene and “shows” suicide

D comes to offer “Death” S considers the offer.

S turns towards J

J grabs “Death” out of the D’s hand, walks back and acts like dying on the cross

J dies (falls down to “ball”) all the frozen persons do the same. D is happy

J begins slowly (in pain) to arise again D is offering cards to the audience.

J stands up tears the “Death” card apart, Devil falls, J takes

Music Child in Darkness / Saviour Machine (II)

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