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Don’t touch (chair)

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Actors Usually four but two are also able to play it

Equipment The chair, be careful not to break it (I know it’s easy in this skit 😉 )

The warning page on one side says “Don’t touch” on another “Sin”

Costumes No special costumes required.
Action The chair is on the scene and there’s warning on the chair: “Don’t Touch” Person comes to the chair and observe it with the question “why don’t touch” After while he’s getting temptation to break the rule “Don’t touch” and he carefully as a thief takes the warning off the chair then he touches the chair and realizes that he sticks to the chair. Another person passes by and sees the first one while the first tries to show that nothing special is going on, he just looks in the sky. Person II invites person I to the disco or anywhere else and without success leaves him. Person I grabs the chair with another hand and tries to release himself but another hand sticks to the chair and person III passes over. Person I makes a look that his doing sport exercise and person III invites him to the sport jam person I refuses and person III leaves the scene. During the trying the release himself person I sits on the chair and gets even in more trouble. Here a Christian person comes with the Bible and tries to help to person I, he grabs him for the head and for the foot but nothing helps, so Christian decides to pray. While Christian is praying person I is laughing on him and points on him by the finger, and suddenly realizes that his hand is free and here he asks Christian to pray even more, another hand is free and finally whole body is free and now person I wants to read the Bible and Christian finds the warning page that was on the chair and shows another side of this page which says “Sin”.

Music No music.

Time From 5 to 7 minutes

Categories: Youth

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