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The Burden

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Two Persons P1 “Christian” Person + P2 non “Christian” Person

P1 comes on the stage with a heavy burden, sad looking, and walks strait to a church-door. There he puts down his burden and puts on a Christian smile. Then he enters the church and greets people, greets the pastor sends a big smile around the church and sits down. Then P2 enters the stage also with a big burden and sad looking. He first walks a little bit around, then he sees the church and after some back and forth enters with his burden on his back.(kicks the door open) When P1 sees P2 entering the church like that he gets offended and tries to block the free sitting place beside him, but P2 comes and kindly asks if he can sit down there. P1 has to agree with a big smile so P2 puts down his burden beside of the chair and sits down. Then the service starts. First P1 stands up and starts to read in the bible, which he found under the chair, P2 has first to find the bible and then the passage he is reading but before he has found it P1 sits down again. After some time he stands up again and starts to sing from a songbook. P2 finds the songbook and looks for the right page but again before he finds it P1 sits down again. Now the preaching begins, and P1 one looks very interested, knots,….. P2 doesn’t look so interested. Then the preacher asks if someone wants to give away their burdens. P1 is asked first, but he is to afraid to admit that he carries a burden. He first look around in the church then smiles and refuses the offer. Then its P2’s turn. He gets very exited grabs his burden runs to the front and lays down his burden, and at the second he gets very happy jumps around ….and runs out of the church. Then the service is over and P1 stands up shakes hands waves goodbye to the preacher and walks out the door, at the moment he gets out of the church he gets very sad again, picks up his burden and walks away.

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