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Angels do not come so simple

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Actors The wife, husband, angel, interpreter

Equipment Armchair, magazine, coffee pot, flower (artificial or room blossoming), Bible.

Costumes Not needed

Action The voice behind the “movie” – speaks, as the interpreter of videofilms, for this purpose a nose is possible to restrict close-pin. Other participants conduct among themselves silent dialogue. The titles, names and surnames, other nuances can be changed according to conditions.
Music is included (we’ve used sintesator PSR-530) Demo-FilmScore (. It something as prompt from the Hollywood films about the supermen).

THE VOCE behind the stage: Try International Christian Pictures introduses:

Film _______________________, producer _________________, in roles ______________ (the names and surnames of the actors), in the main role ____________________________ Are listed(transferred),

“Return of love” or “angels do not come so siply” (this is title of film, you can think of another one)

Loss Angeles, 2000.

Part I.

On a stage from the different parts come the husband and wife.

Now and further all of their action -follow the voice behind the stage. They speak something and then the translation follows.

The husband sits in an armchair, reads magazine. The wife in a home dress walks around doing something. She attempts to cach attention of husband.

W: Lovely, let’s talk about love!

H: (under a nose)Did you fix my broken socks?

W: Dear, what a wonderfulweather today! Can we walk together somewhere?

H: (not coming off from reading)Did you clean the kitchen?

W: Oh dear, as you have changed, you are not similar that to that brave
The knight, to which I have given my heart long ago.

(Exacting) Darling?! Do you hear me at all?
H: (not coming off from a magazine) Certainly I do! Whydo you shout?

W: Dear, do you love me?

H: (comes out off reading) How many times do I need to repeat. I already spoke it to you 2 times. First time, during proposle and during wedding. Remember? You know me, I have told – as has cut off. If something will change, I’ll inform you. (again immersed in reading)

Wife closes her face by hands, as crying, and leaves to other room. There she falls on knees and prayes:

W: My God, this magazine is more important for him than I! My husband does not love me any more? My God, Jesus, do something!

An angel approaches husband behind and carefully touches him for a shoulder. Husband turns lazy and becomes shocked with an open mouth. The magazine falls from hands. The angel speaks something to him, opens a Bible, persistently explains something to him.

T: Oh-ho.

Also leaves. When angel leaves, husband comes out of shock, rises on knees and prays.

T: My God, forgive me!

Wife enters a room and starts to water flowers. The husband approaches to her, picks one of the flowers and gives it to her (any blossoming houseplant)
H: Dear, I love you. You are the most beautiful woman.

A cup (coffee pot or something from what she has watered flowers) fall down from her hands.

They become fix the scene – advertising pause.

The advertising for a type of one that the most usual in your aria (is included music, close pin is removed from a nose)
– If you only have given of not enough time to your wife, Balance of the world and calmness in family is broken.

Confess each day before a Lord and wife, that she is the best and your marriage will be strong and healthy
They will live again.

T: – End of the first part. To be continued.

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