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marie curie

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Old marie curie:Hi my name is Marie Curie.I discoved raidium and polanium.Today I am going to tell you about a little bit of my life.I going to tell you about how I went to collage.Because in case you didn’t know girls who lived in poland were not allowed to go to collage.See what happend was wait why am I telling you why dont I just show you.(pick up sell phone and dial number).Yes I would like to rent a time machine for about two hours.ok thank you bye.

(Knock knock knock)

Salesman:yes I have a time machine for someone.(bing in a box)

Old maie curie:yes put it over there.(piont to where you want it).

Salesman:that will be thirty five dollars.

Old marie curie:(give him/her two peices of paper)

Salsman: thank you.

old marie curie:ok now Iwill tell it what year we are looking for,(tipe in number pretend),and now we are on our way.

Young marie curie:Hi bryona(walf into room and sit down).

Bryona: Hi marie, you Know it is not fair that women are not allowed to go to collage.

Young marie curie:I know.

(long silence)

Young marie curie: Hey I’ve got a idea.
we can go to collage in france.

BRYONA:hey that is a great idea.but how would we pay for that?

young marie:simple one of us can get a job and pay for the other one to go to collage.

Bryona:that is a great idea,you should go first,you are the smarter one out of the two of us.

Younge marie:that is not true you are going first,I’m only 18 you are 22.

old marie: so it was settled.I got a job as a babysitter and payed for Bryona’s classes. I got a job for a wealthy family in warsaw and two mothes later I got a job for a weather family in the country.this family had two daughters.A 10 year old,and a 18teen year old named bronka.Bronka and I became goog friends.

YOUNG MARIE:Hi bronka.

Bronka: hi marie.

YOUNGE MARIE:today I got the idea that mabey I could teach some of the naborhood kids polish language and history.

Bronka:that is a great idea,may I help?

young marie:shure go around the naborhood and tell all the kids to meet here every day at 4:30.

Bronka:you got it.

old marie: My plan worked out perfectly.ANd it worked for 4 years.all until my sister sent me a letter saying that I could come and live with her and to go to collage.


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