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School Dance

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needed: best with 4 but 2 can switch into other people
items: 1 small mirror one normal, sunglasses

Harry: Daredevil nerd
Jack: Jock (scared of cooties)

Tiffany: Anger problems
Samantha: obsessed with hair prep

(starts with boys on benches)

Jack: (sits down looking scared)

Harry: (pushes up sunglasses)What are you doing (snort) here?

Jack: So…many girls…with…cooties…

Harry: So what?

Jack: (spazzes out) Shuddup nerd! you know what??? I dare YOU to act like a FISH!

Harry: (Quickly flops down on floor and acts like fish)

Jack: (rolls eyes)

(switch to girls on dancing floor)

Tiffany: I TOLD YOU TO STEP LEFT!!! (turn towards Samantha) HI SAMANTHA!!!
(ahem) hi Samantha…

Samantha: (is brushing hair with medium mirror) Wha?

Tiffany: UGH! I SAID HI!!!

Samantha: Eh? oh hi…

Tiffany: (takes mirror angrily)

Samantha: HEY! eh… (takes out small mirror)

Tiffany: (rolls eyes)

(to boys)

Harry: (still acting like fish)

Jack Alright already! you can stop! (ducks suddenly) COOTIES!

Harry: (stares from floor)

Jack: (fixes shirt collar) What?

(to girls)

Samantha:(brushing back of hair)

Tiffany: (holding mirror to show Samantha back of head) you see if you get highlights here…WAIT! WHAT am I DOING?!? (pushes Samantha away)

Harry: (walks up to Tiffany) Will you (snort) dance with me?

Tiffany: NO!!!

Harry ok… (walks off)

Samantha: (gets thjrown back in) Hey Tiff…

Tiffany: Shuddup…

(to boys)

Jack: (ducks in 2 random directions then does a lean back and whispers “matrix”)

Harry: (walks in sad) She won’t dance with me… (snort)

Jack: No (ducks) DUH!!!

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