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Lost and found

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Narrator: Welcome, before we begin I would like to sum up the play for you! First of all this play is called “Lost and Found”, anyways this girl named Claire can’t find her bunny ,Sketch. So when she goes to the police station…well I’ve told you to much already so you r going to have to watch and see what happens next! And now what you’ve all been waiting for LOST AND FOUND!
Scene #1
Claire: Sketch…Sketch …SKETCH! Oh no he’s gone! (Runs to the police station)
Police Officer 1:Hello, how can I help you!
Claire: (painting) Hi, my name is Claire and I lost my bunny Sketch!
Police Officer 2: (Laughing) I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place!
Police Officer 3:Yeah we don’t save animals, why don’t you go to the ASCAP Station!
Claire: (in a rush) Ok thank you for your time!
All of the Police: no problem.

Scene #2
Claire: (running to ASPCA station , Painting )Hi my name is Claire I lost my bunny!
Receptionist: OK let me check if anyone has turned in a lost bunny …(walks to back room)
Claire :Thank you so much!
Receptionist: What does your bunny look like?
Claire: It’s a one year old , black and white, dark brown eyes…
Receptionist: I’m sorry none of the bunnies found fit you description , but you should come back later maybe someone will turn in your bunny.
Claire: Thank you for your time (walk into hallway) Ahhh!
Security Guard: Please NO screaming in the hallway!
Claire: (Runs to house and starts crying) I guess I’ll go inside!

Scene #3
Wolf: (Breathing Loudly)
Bunny: (Running from wolf)
Wolf and bunny: (go behind wall)
Wolf : (Screams)
Wolf: (dies)!!!
Bunny : (Hops to carpet) Super Bunny!!!
Claire: (walks outside) Sketch your home don’t run away ever again ,I missed you so much!
Narrator: (pops out of nowhere) THE END!

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