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William & Caroline Herschel

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William & Caroline Herschel were brother & sister living in Germany. Their parents had six children all together. Their father was a musician and taught all of his children music, as well as mathematics as astronomy.
Caroline: I just can’t understand this! (Sigh).
Brother- I can.
Caroline: Sure you can.
William: Come tell me the answer to this question!
Caroline: (she looks at William’s paper) I know, six-million-two-hundred-twelve.

William and Caroline moved to England. This made their mother mad because she wanted Caroline to be her servant and housekeeper for the rest of her life.
Mother: PLEASE (Pulls on Caroline’s skirt) DON’T LEAVE! (She pretends to be upset)
Caroline: Goodbye!
William: (William drags sister by arm.) Come on the ship is about to leave!

In the new city they became very important musicians in the opera. William played the piano and wrote the plays for the opera. Caroline was a singer. In William’s spare time, he built telescopes. He liked to make them more and more powerful to see deeper and deeper into space. People in the town loved and bought his great telescopes.
“Knock, Knock.”
Caroline: I’ll get it. (Opens the door.) Oh, it’s for you William. (William walks up.)
Customer: Can I buy a telescope?
Caroline: (brings box over and hands to William)
William: (takes box from sister.) Here is the best we have. (Gives box to customer.)
Customer: Thanks!

Another customers comes at midnight.
Customer 2. Hello, can I buy a telescope. (says that to the door.)
William opens the door then slams it in his face.
(Customer knocks again.) The door opens.
Customer 2: Can I buy a telescope?
William hands him a bomb. (pretend!)

One day, William and Caroline noticed something in the sky that didn’t look like a normal star. It looked like a disk. They thought it must be a comet. They watched it and watched it and debated about it. Finally its nearly circular orbit made them realize it was a planet.
Caroline: Look what is that? It looks like a disk.
William: It must be a comet!
Caroline: But it’s circular orbit. It must be a a…
William: (excited!) A PLANET!
After this great discovery the government paid them to be full time astronomers and telescope builders. They discovered many more comets and other important things.

The End

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