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Actors Anchorperson, Reporter, Donkey Owner, Crowd Member, Chief Priest.

Anchor: (The anchorperson could be sitting at a desk to one side with call letters, microphone, etc.) This is a Jerusalem Network News Special Report with your WGOD anchorperson, ______________, covering today’s startling events on the Bethphage Road. And now to our reporter, _______________
Reporter: We’re here on the Bethphage Road where quite a large crowd has gathered to cheer the arrival of a man we’ve all been hearing about recently, Jesus of Nazareth. You can hear in the background the shouts of “Hosanna” and “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” and even “Blessed is the King of Israel.”
Although we’ve had prophets before whom the crowds have hailed as king, the arrival of this one is a little unique because he’s shunned the normal white horse or black stallion routine, and he’s riding to Jerusalem on the back of a small donkey.
We have here a man who is personally involved in this parade. Will you tell our viewing audience what part you have in all this commotion?

Donkey Owner: Sure! Do you see the man in the white robe everyone is yelling at? Well, he’s that prophet from Nazareth that’s been showing up everywhere preaching and doing miracles.

Reporter: And how are you involved with him?

Donkey Owner: Well, you might say that without me this whole parade wouldn’t be happening at all! See that? He’s riding my donkey.

Reporter: Oh, do you rent them?

Donkey Owner: No, he’s a family pet. Great animal. A little small, but big on dependability.

Reporter: Uh, to get back to the prophet…

Donkey Owner: Oh yeah. There we were, my donkey and me, standing inside the Bethphage Gate minding our own business, when these two guys come up and start untying her. Well I says, “Just what do you think you’re doing with my animals, you clowns?”
And they says to me, “The Lord needs it and will send it back here shortly.”
Well for some reason I just stood there and let them take her. I don’t understand it—I mean, two strangers take my donkey right out from under my nose and I say, “Sure go ahead.” It ain’t like me at all.

Reporter: Thank you, Sir, and good luck with getting your donkey back again. Donkey Owner: Yeah, thanks, it just ain’t like me at all. (walks away shaking his head)

Reporter: Let’s see if we can talk to a member of this crowd here. Uh, ma’am, could you come over here a minute please?

Crowd Member: Who me? You mean me?

Reporter: Yes, I’d like you to describe for our viewers just why it is that you’re here today.

Crowd Member: Hey, I make it to all these Hosanna Parades. I’ve seen more prophets, messiahs, and saviors come and go than your average Tom, Dick, or Judas.

Reporter: Do you think this one is just like all the others?

Crowd Member: Well, if the stories are true, this guy could be someone special. I mean there’s a rumor that he actually raised someone from the dead not long ago over in Bethany. If that’s true, this may not be your average messiah. I mean, I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s really, well, you know, but every now and then you have to wonder if just maybe the real thing might not show up and do in the Romans.

Reporter: And if you thought this Jesus really were the “real thing,” what do you think you’d do about it?

Crowd Member: I’m not saying I’d do anything. You gotta go with the flow. You know how these crowds are—”Hosanna” today, “Crucify him” tomorrow. I’m not sure they really want much to do with an actual messiah. Who knows what they might do to one?

Reporter: Yes, thank you. That’s an interesting point of view. Oh, look! We’re in luck. One of the chief priests is heading this way. Maybe we can get a word with him. Excuse me … excuse me, Sir, do you have a minute to share an official opinion about what’s going on here today?

Chief Priest: Yes, we’ve prepared a statement for the press. Ahem. (reads) We have been carefully monitoring the movements of this Jesus of Nazareth, and we find his attitude and his claims to border on blasphemy. We’d advise the faithful Jews who are listening to take care lest they be led astray.

Reporter: But Sir, what do you think of the alleged miracles and—

Chief Priest: That’s all I have to say. (walks away)

Reporter: Oh! Well, sure, thank you. And now back to you,________________________(anchor).

Anchor: Well, as you can see, everyone is rather noncommittal as to who this Jesus of Nazareth really is, although the fervor here today would lead you to believe that he has a lot of support of some sort.
I guess we 11 all have to wait and see the results of his stay in Jerusalem this Passover week and make our own decisions. Just who do you think he is?

(pause) This is _________________ reporting. Good day.

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