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Actors Mary, Joseph, Mom, Dad, Girl 1 and 2 (Mary’s Friends), Carpenters 1 and 2, Teachers 1 and 2, Neighbors 1 and 2, Elizabeth, The Doctor, The Psychiatrist, The Rabbi

Scene One (girls sitting around a table discussing the upcoming dance)
Girl 1: What are you going to wear?
Mary: I don’t know if I’m going.
Girl 2: Everybody’s going. It’ll be a good dance.
Mary: I can’t even dance. Anyway, I wouldn’t know how to ask a guy for a date.
Girl 1: This is your chance to get around.
Girl 2: What about that guy your parents like? Do they still want you to marry him when you get out of school?
Girl 1: I hear he’s got his own business and a sharp car. Girl 2: The guy I’m going with has a new Corvette.

Scene Two (Mary kneeling beside her bed)
Mary: (This can be ad-libbed somewhat.) Why me? What am I going to tell Mom and Dad? What will my friends think? What is he going to do? They’re never going to believe me.

Scene Three (Mary’s parents sitting on the couch in the living room)
Mom: Well, I asked her what was wrong, but I wasn’t able to get much out of her. She claims there’s a lot of pressure from her teacher giving her a big assignment.
Dad: Well, that doesn’t sound like our little girl. She doesn’t usually let something like that bother her so much. I’ve heard a lot about the drug problem at her school. I’m sure our daughter has been raised well enough not to do anything like that, but that doesn’t mean the pressure isn’t hurting her. Maybe I could talk to her.
Mom: Well, I guess it couldn’t hurt but be careful not to hurt her more. She’s been awfully touchy lately.

Scene Four (two girls talking on the phone)
Girl 1: I’m worried about her. She’s been acting strange lately, crying about silly things.
Girl 2:Yeah, I’ve noticed.
Girl 1: Have you noticed she’s gained weight?
Girl 2: Yeah, maybe it’s from all that broccoli and other health food she’s been eating.
Girl 1: She won’t go out with us, not even to the dance we all went to. She says she’s too tired.
Girl 2: She’s had the flu a lot lately. Maybe I’ll call her and see how she’s feeling.

Scene Five (the teacher’s lounge at school)
Teacher 1: She’s been acting differently lately.
Teacher 2: Her grades sure have dropped, and she’s been missing my class a lot.
Teacher 1: She seems lonely. She isn’t around her old crowd anymore.
Teacher 2: She’s also been putting on weight and wearing those loose tops.
Teacher 1: She’s in my first-hour English class, and she’s asked to see the nurse a lot. Do you think she’s in trouble? She’s so sweet.

Scene Six (two neighbors talking over the back fence)
Neighbor 1: I just know she is! And with those wonderful parents, too. They’ve tried so hard to bring her up right.
Neighbor 2: I bet I know who the father is—that older boy her father knows. He’s the only one I’ve seen at the house.
Neighbor 1: You never know, do you? She just didn’t seem the type. She’s so well behaved and respectful.
Neighbor 2: She goes to Synagogue every week. What is the world coming to?

Scene Seven (two carpenters sawing boards)
Carpenter 1: Poor guy, that’s too bad.
Carpenter 2: He’s got to be crazy to marry her.
Carpenter 71: I’d hate to be in his place.
Carpenter 2: Be quiet, he’s coming.

Scene Eight (In the living room Mom and Dad are talking to Mary and Joseph when three men enter.)
Mom: Where did I go wrong? (Doorbell rings. Dad gets up to answer it and escorts in three men.)
Dad: Gentlemen, we have discovered our daughter is pregnant and we don’t know what to do. We need your expert opinions about what we should do. We don’t want her life and future ruined.
Doctor: As a physician, the only option I can see for a girl her age is to terminate the pregnancy. If you choose abortion, we’ll have to act quickly. Then no one else will have to know.
Psychiatrist: From the viewpoint of a psychiatrist, her emotional stability would probably stand an abortion better than adoption. If you choose for her to give birth to the child, she might want to keep it, and I believe that would be a grave mistake.
Rabbi: They must get married. I know they’re young, but with prayer the marriage can work.
Dad: (To Joseph) You got her into this—what do you have to say?
Mary: I’m going to have my baby and keep him. With the Lord’s help, I can handle it.
Joseph: I had considered breaking it off, but I’ve prayed about the situation and have decided it’s God’s will that we should be married. I’ll do my best to be a good father to the baby.

Scene Nine (the living room with Mary and Elizabeth)
Mary: He wonders whether or not our marriage will work. I want it to work.
Elizabeth: He’s a quiet person who loves his work. I’m sure he’s worried about the gossip you’ve told me about.
Mary: Yes, I feel its affecting our relationship. He’s so practical that he can’t believe how I got pregnant. No one believes him when he says he isn’t the father.
Elizabeth: I understand what you are going through, but we know it will be worth it. When the baby is born, everything will be O.K., you’ll see.
Mary: You’re only my cousin, but you’re more like a sister to me.

Scene Ten (Mary and Joseph)
Mary: I’m really frightened about your leaving on this trip. The doctor says that the baby could come anytime now.
Joseph: Yeah, I know but I have to go! The only solution is having you go with me.
Mary: Well, I’d rather be with you when the time comes. You know, I am really excited about the baby. God has given me peace that we have done the right thing.
Joseph: I really feel that way, now. We have a big job ahead of us. We first of all must be sure that we are completely dedicated to God so we can guide our little son.

Scene Eleven (Mary and Joseph with the new baby. The doctor, the psychiatrist, and the rabbi enter, bringing gifts for the baby. They kneel and worship him.)
Doctor: (to Mary and Joseph) Forgive us, for our prejudice and judgments. We are here to give you and your son our love.
Psychiatrist: Through prayer we were able to understand your situation.
Rabbi: Mary, what will you name him?
Mary: He has been named . . . Jesus.

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