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ok there are four people involved in this skit two burglars, and two hikers. hiker1- “his looks like a good place to set camp” hiker2- “ok i’ll unpack” hiker1- wakes up and says “dude two guys just came and robbed me” hiker2-“yeah right it was just as dream” hiker1- “i’m telling you these guys keep beating me up” hiker2- “ok if these guys really keep robbing you then lets switch spots and can we please go back to sleep” burglar1-“you know what dude i think this guys had enough let more ===>

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Stuck in the middle

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characters: Clara:best friend to two people who hate each other Talor:best friend to Clara but hates Cassi Cassi:best friend to Clara but hates Talor Stuck in the middle Talor:(go nock on Clara’s door)HI Clara I wa… Cassi:HEY CLARA!How ya doin Clara:hey Cassi Talor:get away from us Clara does not like you any more Cassi:of course she does your the one she hates Talor:am not (clara’s looking worried) Cassi:are to Talor:are not even ask Clara (Cassi and Talor Turn to Clara) Cassi:so more ===>

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this idea was given to us at camp last year. it is great for younger kids coach: i saw lights on past 10:30 last night .i want 50 situps and pushups now! girlfriend : But don’t you think that is harsh? coach : NO! okay after that you do this coach: okay now we are going to learn a move phill: gooday mate. today we will learn a new move called the scissors. here is shanan to do it . shanan : dang i broke a nail chandler : < garbage can kick it> no no shanan you do it like this. < more ===>

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Angels do not come so simple

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Actors The wife, husband, angel, interpreter Equipment Armchair, magazine, coffee pot, flower (artificial or room blossoming), Bible. Costumes Not needed Action The voice behind the “movie” – speaks, as the interpreter of videofilms, for this purpose a nose is possible to restrict close-pin. Other participants conduct among themselves silent dialogue. The titles, names and surnames, other nuances can be changed according to conditions. Music is included (we’ve used sintesator PSR-530) Demo-FilmScore more ===>

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Child in Darkness

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Actors Needed : 6 Persons 1 Devil * (D) Card 1 Jesus * (J) 1 Suicidal * (S) Death 1 “Riches” (R) Wealth Most online top essay writing service essay writing services are highly suggested. 1 “Wisdom” (W) Knowledge 1 “Power” (P) Power also possible 1 “alcohol” instead on eof the others Equipment U needs four cards with words on like written above. On the backside of the card there have to be some tape that it is possible to glue it on the breast on the players Costumes At least the devil should more ===>

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