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Actors First Archaeologist Second Archaeologist Girl Prehistoric Man Action Scene: There is a MAN lying on a table, fiat on his back and covered with a blanket. Two archaeologists work near him, chiseling and digging. One chisels at the blanket and uncovers the man’s toes. First: Hey! I think I found something. Look at this! Second: (examines toes) What do you think it is? First: Must be some type of bone structure. Perhaps a claw or a hand of some prehistoric creature. Second: How more ===>

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Atheistic propagand II (with proves)

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The communist, enters the stage. The communist: Well, we shall go another way, scientific. With the evidences. Well I shall show you… will see, will see, who is more clever. I shall look what you say against science. This time I shall be brief. People come, debating him. People: 1. Oh, what a young man! 2. I heard he’s from Moscow. 3. From Moscow? Oh-ho. The communist: Well, this is my hour. /address to the people / Comrades, God is not present! And that is scientific arguments. Granma: more ===>

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Atheistic propagand

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The communist comes to the stage as though talking with himself. The communist: So, banners will be there, flags we shall hang up here, a tribune we shall put here. Will construct club where I shall act personally. I shall destroy all this religious ideology, in this village, up to the basis. I shall prove to all of them that god is not present. And there are many such as I am. All of us have parted on collective farms and state farms, on different villages. And we, young communists, bear on more ===>

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We don’t believe in Satan

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Actors As many as you want but have to be three roles: (S) Satan; (1) First in the line; (L) last in the line Equipment No equipment required Costumes Normal cloths Action On the stage the line of people each doing something (dancing, chatting, drinking etc.). (S) is walking in front of the line back and forth with the proud look. (1) sees the (S) and asks his neighbor in the line “who is it?” neighbor asks the same question the next neighbour etc to (L). (L) asks (S): “Who are you?”, (S) more ===>

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I don’t believe in Satan

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Actors Satan (S), Christian (C), Person (1) and (2) Equipment The piece of rope Costumes Nothing special Action Th (S) with the piece of rope in his hands is jumping into the stage and trying to scare people shouting something like “I’m Satan, I came to steal, to kill and to destroy and this is my new weapon (shows the rope) by this I’m catching people, look, here the one is coming…” The (1) is coming to the stage and they start to talk: (1) how hot is here today.. (S) Not hotter then more ===>

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