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marie curie

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Old marie curie:Hi my name is Marie Curie.I discoved raidium and polanium.Today I am going to tell you about a little bit of my life.I going to tell you about how I went to collage.Because in case you didn’t know girls who lived in poland were not allowed to go to collage.See what happend was wait why am I telling you why dont I just show you.(pick up sell phone and dial number).Yes I would like to rent a time machine for about two hours.ok thank you bye. (Knock knock knock) Salesman:yes I more ===>

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what a laugh

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There is 2 people in this skit the first person is a lady and the second person works at the counter at the vet and the lady walks in and says to the person at the counter can i buy these bird seeds and dog biscuits. the person at the counter says yes but that will be $20 ok said the lady and asked the person at the counter are these dog biscuits 100% made out of dogs and are these bird seeds 100% made out of birds. the person at the counter said what r u talking bout. the lady said well why would more ===>

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ok there are four people involved in this skit two burglars, and two hikers. hiker1- “his looks like a good place to set camp” hiker2- “ok i’ll unpack” hiker1- wakes up and says “dude two guys just came and robbed me” hiker2-“yeah right it was just as dream” hiker1- “i’m telling you these guys keep beating me up” hiker2- “ok if these guys really keep robbing you then lets switch spots and can we please go back to sleep” burglar1-“you know what dude i think this guys had enough let more ===>

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Stuck in the middle

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characters: Clara:best friend to two people who hate each other Talor:best friend to Clara but hates Cassi Cassi:best friend to Clara but hates Talor Stuck in the middle Talor:(go nock on Clara’s door)HI Clara I wa… Cassi:HEY CLARA!How ya doin Clara:hey Cassi Talor:get away from us Clara does not like you any more Cassi:of course she does your the one she hates Talor:am not (clara’s looking worried) Cassi:are to Talor:are not even ask Clara (Cassi and Talor Turn to Clara) Cassi:so more ===>

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this idea was given to us at camp last year. it is great for younger kids coach: i saw lights on past 10:30 last night .i want 50 situps and pushups now! girlfriend : But don’t you think that is harsh? coach : NO! okay after that you do this coach: okay now we are going to learn a move phill: gooday mate. today we will learn a new move called the scissors. here is shanan to do it . shanan : dang i broke a nail chandler : < garbage can kick it> no no shanan you do it like this. < more ===>

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