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KATIE — (runs on stage with open book in hand) I’ll get it. MOM —- (enters opposite with cordless phone) I got it. KATIE — Oh. (stops, looks at Mom for a moment, turns, begins exiting reading book) MOM —- (turns on phone) Hello. Oh, hi. Sure, no problem. I’ll have it for you in plenty of time. Sure. Bye bye. (clicks phone off) KATIE — (turns) Who was it? MOM —- It was Pastor Tom. He asked me to make the bread and buy the wine for the communion service tomorrow. KATIE — more ===>

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JOHN — (enters, speaking into microphone, strolls to DC) Ladies and gentlemen, I am your action reporter and I am on the scene here near the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth, (motions to exit) investigating the mysterious disappearance of his body…. FRED — (enters, wearing combat fatigues and a bird house on his head, crosses to JOHN) Hey, I saw the whole thing. JOHN — Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, we seem to have a late breaking development. (to FRED) Can you repeat that, sir? (points mike at more ===>

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Costumes In scene 1 costumes from biblical times would be appropriate for Zacchaeus and the other characters. Scene 2 is essentially a monologue for Zacchaeus. Action Scene 1: Zacchaeus sits or stands behind a table. A man with his wife stops by to pay their taxes, but they don’t have enough money. Zacchaeus presses them to pay the entire amount or go to jail. They reluctantly pay with money they were going to use for food. The couple walks off. Zacchaeus: Thank you, and have a good day! (singing more ===>

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Costumes The “news,” of course, is the Christmas story; the newscast occurs on the first Christmas day in a modern setting, so all the news commentators should be dressed in today’s clothes. Feel free to adapt this skit to meet the needs of your group. Action Announcer: Stay tuned for the VBS Evening News with Barnabas Cronkite reporting the latest on a strange sighting in the sky, Martha Waltersberg from downtown Bethlehem, where a huge crowd is gathering for a tax enrollment, and Dr. Ben more ===>

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These are only samples. You can probably come up with some others of your own. If you do use these as is, encourage your actors to ad-lib as well as add their own interpretation. DATING Teen Point of View Daughter: I’m leaving now, Dad:. Just where do you think you’re going? What time will you he home? Who is this guy you’re going with? Does he have a car? What kind? Does he have new tires on it? Did you ask your mother? What kind of job does he have? Did you brush your teeth? Daughter: He more ===>

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