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Actors It requires eight people to perform “readers’ theater” style. The readers should be seated on stage facing the audience. As with any good readers’ theater, the lines should be rehearsed so that they don’t sound like they are being read. Action Feel free to change the dialogue and use the script only as a guide. Although no props are called for, you may use hats or other props to embellish the lines whenever appropriate. All: Whoooo! All: Wow! (pause) All: Where? All: Where? All: more ===>

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Actors Anchorperson, Reporter, Donkey Owner, Crowd Member, Chief Priest. Action Anchor: (The anchorperson could be sitting at a desk to one side with call letters, microphone, etc.) This is a Jerusalem Network News Special Report with your WGOD anchorperson, ______________, covering today’s startling events on the Bethphage Road. And now to our reporter, _______________ Reporter: We’re here on the Bethphage Road where quite a large crowd has gathered to cheer the arrival of a man we’ve more ===>

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Equipment The skit should be memorized for the best effect. It can be followed up with a Bible study on forgiveness and on how Jesus is willing and able to forgive us when we feel we have let him down (focus especially on John 21:15—19). Action Setting: Peter and John are lying on the floor sleeping. Peter: (suddenly beginning to toss and turn, mumbling) I’m sorry, Master, I’m sorry! (The more he tosses and turns, the louder the words get until he finally sits up straight, murmuring loudly, more ===>

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Actors Mary, Joseph, Mom, Dad, Girl 1 and 2 (Mary’s Friends), Carpenters 1 and 2, Teachers 1 and 2, Neighbors 1 and 2, Elizabeth, The Doctor, The Psychiatrist, The Rabbi Action Scene One (girls sitting around a table discussing the upcoming dance) Girl 1: What are you going to wear? Mary: I don’t know if I’m going. Girl 2: Everybody’s going. It’ll be a good dance. Mary: I can’t even dance. Anyway, I wouldn’t know how to ask a guy for a date. Girl 1: This is your chance to get more ===>

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Actors Father, Mother, Daughter (Christy), Son (Donald) Equipment The setting is the breakfast table. Everyone except Christy is seated. Father is reading the paper, Mother is pouring coffee, and Donald is toying with his cereal. Christy hasn’t come in yet. Action Mother: Quit playing with your food, Donald. You’ll be late for school. Father: I’ll have some more coffee, dear. Donald: Speaking of being late, what about Christy last night? Man, if I came in that late, I’d be flogged more ===>

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