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Equipment The pieces of armor are the following: Helmet of Salvation, Belt of Truth, Breastplate of Righteousness, Feet Shod with the Readiness of the Gospel, Shield of Faith, and finally, the Sword of the Spirit. Action One person puts on armor, one piece at a time, as the narrator tells a story of a fencing match between a new Christian and Satan. The new Christian starts out each day with an additional piece of armor. The same thing happens each time: Satan attacks in an area that isn’t covered more ===>

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SCENE I Setting: Four guards are sleeping in front of the tomb of Jesus. They are to snore and awaken without paying any attention to the tomb. Louie: (wakes up, rubs eyes, yawns and stretches) Man is it cold out here—I better build a fire. (begins to rub two sticks, puts wood and leaves together, blows into it, etc.) Bernie: Hey, whatcha doing, Louie? Louie: Oh, just putting my Boy Scout training to use. Bernie: Forgot the matches again, eh? (gets up and goes over to a knapsack and more ===>

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The Three Prayers

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This is just a broad idea take it and change it and structure it how ever nessecary. The message is there is kingdom work to be done everywhere you look and you dont need God’s premission to do it. Cast:An American Christian, A foriegn Christian, A American(or foriegn) non christian set up: Each person in a seperate area of stage all three are talking to God.try creative ways to position the characters(use spotlight on active character, or maybe have the three standing back to back and more ===>

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Witnessing tip #23

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I eventually want to make a variety of commical witnessing tips used just for fun but the idea i am presenting now is simple need: however many ppl you think nesecarry to act out this tip, and a Super Soaker. Sugestion: show both the correct way to witness and the in correct way Wittnessing Tip #23 A super soaker filled with Holy water and shot in to a crowd is not an effective way of mass witnessing but may be a good way to get beat up.

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Whats on you Mind?

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http://Average-heros.tripod.com Need: either a prerecorded video showing various tv shows movies music videaos newspaper articles etc . . with small blips of jesus church etc in it make other stuff out way jesus if you do not have video recording and editing capability then use actual items like CDs books etc . . . you will also need A bed a Patient and A doctor. Action: the Doctor anounces a new break through in science has led to the invention of the mentalexposurtoryreveliatorium(or more ===>

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