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Ambassadors for Christ

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this skit is a job interview for the position of Christs ambassador there are 5 applicants(more or less if you want) 1st applicant is a robot it mimics and copies the interviewer 2nd is a old wise old man who thinks he should be hired because of his experience and wisdom 3rd is an inntellect who astounds the interviewrer with his intellect or at least tries too he should be hired because he is a genious possibly the smartest man thet ever lived 4th is a body builder holds the title more ===>

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real love

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Real Love: (Each person comes on stage from the same side saying their lines as they go up) Actor#1: Real Love is dating every girl school. (Have a guy with a bunch of girls around him in awe) Actor#2: Real Love is flirting with guys and then dropping them when you find someone cuter. (Have a girl with a bunch of guys following her around as she talks) Actor#3: Real Love is spending a Friday night with your mom and dad. (Maybe have Mike or Shelly comes out and the actor gives thumbs up sign) Actor#4: more ===>

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Simon enters Simon: Crikey! It seems to be some kind of Monster? His companion who shall be called Jenny enters now Jenny: OMG that thing is ugly!!! Simon: I know! But never the less we must destroy it before it runs ramped through the town of Orange West of Sydney. Enter Film crew Film Crew: And here we are today live from cave Opmuns where Simon and his trusty but not very smart companion Jenny test there bravely by attempting to defeat the Monster! Look over there, we have a more ===>

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opening day/night

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girl: the hills are alivvv…..!!! Okay were are the props and bob were was the music I couldn’t hear anything. oh and the backdrops and were is the lighting,wardrobe get out here im on stage in my pj’s in my bedroom,whaaaatbob wardrobe.what time is it, only 6:00, man that was a nightm are ZZzzzzzZZZzzzz( in the background) my heart wants to laugh like a brook as it trips and falls over stones on it’s way to sing through the night like a lark that is learing to pray……

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John Learns to Drive

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This play can be done with 2 or 4 or 3 people. Characters: John Car Driver that is angry Phyllis And Burger King Person “John Learns to Drive,” a one-act play John: (shouting) So, what do I do now? Phyllis: (calmly) Release the clutch with you left foot, slowly John: (loudly) But I thought that was the brake? Phyllis: No, (sigh) that is the clutch pedal. The brake is operated by your right foot. John: Then how to I give it gas? Phyllis: You mean, how do you depress more ===>

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