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Ambassadors for Christ

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this skit is a job interview for the position of Christs ambassador there are 5 applicants(more or less if you want) 1st applicant is a robot it mimics and copies the interviewer 2nd is a old wise old man who thinks he should be hired because of his experience and wisdom 3rd is an inntellect who astounds the interviewrer with his intellect or at least tries too he should be hired because he is a genious possibly the smartest man thet ever lived 4th is a body builder holds the title more ===>

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John Learns to Drive

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This play can be done with 2 or 4 or 3 people. Characters: John Car Driver that is angry Phyllis And Burger King Person “John Learns to Drive,” a one-act play John: (shouting) So, what do I do now? Phyllis: (calmly) Release the clutch with you left foot, slowly John: (loudly) But I thought that was the brake? Phyllis: No, (sigh) that is the clutch pedal. The brake is operated by your right foot. John: Then how to I give it gas? Phyllis: You mean, how do you depress more ===>

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Lover girl

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this girl went out with this guy for six months. even though its not that long they really loved each other but, the man separated with her because he is going away for a while and know the girl has every guy asking her out that she doesn’t like. even the guys friend. but, she also gets picked on and pushed around and she loves this boy Jason very much and she wants him and him only!

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Government and the Rights of People

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After john Quiney Adams time of power. Two gentleman were talking about how the government began. Tom said; Why did people from England leave there country to sail the Mayflower and landed on Plymoth Harbor of massachusetts? Bill said; They wanted to create theirown set of rules, which men signed and agreed to live by the rules. Tom said; It’s wonderful having a King and Queen in government. When we need a new ruler the monarchy family will chosse the next ruler for government. Bill said; You know more ===>

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i’m only one person

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you can have as many people as you want and line them up in a line all of their backs to the crowd. Have one person off stage and let them stay there for a little bit.The first person in the line turns aound and says “I’m only one person what does it matter if i witness or not, besides what difference can one person make.” The next person turns around and they both say it together and so on and so on.when the whole line is finished the person who was off stage breaks through them and is like “wow more ===>

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