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i’m only one person

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you can have as many people as you want and line them up in a line all of their backs to the crowd. Have one person off stage and let them stay there for a little bit.The first person in the line turns aound and says “I’m only one person what does it matter if i witness or not, besides what difference can one person make.” The next person turns around and they both say it together and so on and so on.when the whole line is finished the person who was off stage breaks through them and is like “wow more ===>

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Creation in a Funny Manner

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Narrator, Reader and Props. There is a table containing the following: candle and matches, watering can and bowl, plant pot and soil, a potted plant, sun and moon/stars on stick, fish shapes and paper airplanes, toy animals, mirror Narrator: In the beginning God created the sky and the earth. The earth was empty and had no form. Darkness covered the ocean, and God’s Sprit was moving over the water. Then God said God: Let there be light. (Props run to table, picks up candle and matches, takes more ===>

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Sorry, I’m too busy

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Characters: Poor person, preppy girl, buisnessman,Christian. Set:Poor person sitting on the road asking for help. People pass by one by one. Poor Person sitting on the road,sees a girl pass by. Poor Person:(yells to girl) HELP ME! I’m so hungry! I need some money for food! Please! Preppy Girl: Uh, sorry I’m too busy. I have a hair appointment and I have a date I need to get ready for tonight. I have no time to donate money. Girl Walks off. Poor Person stares at the ground upset. Then more ===>

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real love

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Real Love: (Each person comes on stage from the same side saying their lines as they go up) Actor#1: Real Love is dating every girl school. (Have a guy with a bunch of girls around him in awe) Actor#2: Real Love is flirting with guys and then dropping them when you find someone cuter. (Have a girl with a bunch of guys following her around as she talks) Actor#3: Real Love is spending a Friday night with your mom and dad. (Maybe have Mike or Shelly comes out and the actor gives thumbs up sign) Actor#4: more ===>

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Simon enters Simon: Crikey! It seems to be some kind of Monster? His companion who shall be called Jenny enters now Jenny: OMG that thing is ugly!!! Simon: I know! But never the less we must destroy it before it runs ramped through the town of Orange West of Sydney. Enter Film crew Film Crew: And here we are today live from cave Opmuns where Simon and his trusty but not very smart companion Jenny test there bravely by attempting to defeat the Monster! Look over there, we have a more ===>

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